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Shawn Mendes was born in Toronto, Canada on Aug. 8, 1998. The young pop star was found in 2014 on video-sharing app, Vine, where he shared snippets of himself singing popular songs. Mendes became a hit seemingly overnight. He saw himself as more of an actor before he got serious about a musical career and didn't learned how to play the guitar until he was 13 years old. At this age, he taught himself how to play by studying YouTube tutorials, which turned out to be a pretty cheap ticket to stardom!

Mendes has said that his inspiration comes from nothing specific, but he does have a couple of artists that have influenced his music. Many of his covers include Ed Sheeran, Justin Timberlake and Bruno Mars, but Mendes gives a special nod to Timberlake. Critics quickly compared to his sound to Justin Bieber's style, however Mendes noted that he stopped listening to Bieber to focus on his own work. Mendes hit the music industry hard earning the title of the youngest artist - 15 years old to be exact - to compose his own debut that landed in the top 25 on the Billboard Hot 100 a month after the album was released. This made him the youngest artist since Justin Bieber to have a No. 1 album. In fact, "The Shawn Mendes EP" climbed to the No. 1 seat on iTunes in just 37 minutes when it was released in July. His quick success merited him the Teen Choice award in 2014 for Webstar in Music. Mendes' early hits outside of his six second covers included "The Life of the Party" which debuted in June 2014, and "Stitches," which was included on his first album release.

The young star has opened for pop sensations like Austin Mahone in his early career. He also participated in Taylor Swift's 1989 mega tour which featured several other famous artists. But Shawn Mendes has since embarked on his own tour. Unsurprisingly, tickets for his 2016 tour quickly became hard to find, even his first location in New York City sold out. That being said, you have got to move fast to find a cheap Shawn Mendes ticket as he has already acquired an aggressive following of teenage girls. Mendes recounted a story about a girl jumping on stage and wrapping herself around his neck before security ripped her away. Grab your Shawn Mendes ticket today, before he is grabbed off stage!

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