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About Bryan Adams

Hailing from Canada, Bryan Adams is one of the legends of soft rock, with his raspy, tremulous voice and rock ballads. Cheap Bryan Adams tickets sell out quickly, so don't wait to get yours! Get your cheap tickets here to see one of the best rock icons for yourself at a Bryan Adams concert near you!

Bryan Adams was born on November 5, 1959 in Ontario, Canada. Both of his parents were immigrants from England, and his father served as an officer in the British Army and then joined the Canadian Army when they relocated. Because of his father’s military service, he became a Canadian foreign service diplomat leading him on travel adventures around the world. As a young child Bryan and his family would follow his father on all diplomatic trips, resulting in him seeing much of the world at a young age. When he was fourteen years old his family relocated to North Vancouver, and a year later he started immersing himself into the Vancouver music scene. He began by performing background vocals for local artists in pubs he wasn’t even old enough to drink in. In 1978, Adams signed with the record label A&M Records for a total of one dollar. Two years later in 1980 Adams released his first album, which later became certified gold in Canada. The release and success of his first album solidified a songwriting partnership with Jim Vallance that still lasts to this day. While he quickly became a sensation in Canada, it was not until the release of his third album Cuts Like a Knife that he would see international success. From then on, Bryan Adams continued to release chart-topping singles, touring around the world, and attracting millions of fans worldwide. Some of his smash hits include songs like "Heaven," "Summer of '69," "Cuts Like a Knife," and "I Do It For You."

In 2009 Adams was approached by Disney to see if he was interested in turning the 1990 film Pretty Woman into a musical. It was not until 2016 that the producer reached out to Adams to begin the writing process. The music for the show was completed in March of 2018, with the first pre-Broadway run beginning also in March.

More Than A Musician

Along with being involved in music from a young age, Adams is also known for activism, humanitarian work as well as being a photographer. Most of his work is surrounding his own self-funded charity called The Bryan Adams Foundation, which focuses on advancing education and learning opportunities for children around the world. Adams funds all of this himself as he believes that an education is the best gift anyone can be given. Another one of his major focuses with his charity work revolves around animal rights. He is one of the biggest supporters of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). He supports mainly through taking photographs for the organization as well as writing letters to people in power trying to get them to support the groups cause.

2022 Tour

One of Canada’s most famous musicians went on tour in 2022! After taking years off from the performing stage, Bryan Adams announced a late summer and fall tour throughout his home country. Kicking off the tour on Prince Edward Island, the first show on the tour even brought in some fans from America, since it was very close the boarder. The singer performed in Toronto, Winnipeg, Edmonton and more cities throughout Canada. The last show was at Rogers Arena, another chance for both Canadian and American fans to hear his music live. Bryan Adams will not be on tour for long, get tickets now!

Bryan Adams concerts are an energetic journey through some of the best of soft rock, and cheap tickets sell out quickly to his adoring fans. Don't wait to get your cheap Bryan Adams concert tickets!

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