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    We may experience higher call volumes during busy onsale and event periods. For these reasons, we are asking you to give preference to our provided FAQs and our email function to ask your question, especially if contacting us outside of our phone support hours. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Frequently Asked Questions About Event Ticket Orders

Order Tracking

How can I track the status of my order?

Log into to view your order status.


What is MyTicketTracker, and how do I use it?

MyTicketTracker is a secure platform where you can view details about your ticket orders and download any e-tickets you may have purchased. To download e-tickets, go to, enter your email address and unique order PIN to log in. You'll find your PIN in the order receipt you received via email. For additional support related to MyTicketTracker and downloading e-tickets, visit the MyTicketTracker Support Page.

How do I download my E-Tickets?

Electronic tickets, or e-tickets, are delivered to you electronically through MyTicketTracker. You must download and print your e-tickets, which will have a barcode and will be valid for entry into the event. Some things to know about your e-tickets:

  • When your e-tickets are ready to download, you will receive an email with instructions for accessing your e-tickets through our secure website, MyTicketTracker.
  • For your protection, MyTicketTracker requires you to log in with order-specific details, including a unique order PIN that will be included in your download instruction email.
  • Some e-tickets may not be available for download immediately, but are guaranteed to be read in time for your event.

Visit the MyTicketTracker Support Page for answers to all questions about e-tickets.

FedEx Ticket Delivery

How are my tickets shipped?

Tickets are shipped via FedEx. Shipping via FedEx is secure and safe for both ticket buyers and sellers on our website. Shipping through FedEx allows ticket sellers to ensure that the tickets they sell have arrived to the proper recipient, and ticket buyers can track the progress of the package.

When will my tickets ship, and how soon will they arrive?

Many ticket sellers make their tickets available to you before they have even been printed, which gives customers an edge on getting great seats in advance. As a result, tickets may not be "in hand" at the time of purchase. Seller notes often indicate when an order will ship (at the latest), so customers know when to expect their tickets. They may also note that tickets are "in hand" which means they can ship immediately. After your tickets have shipped, you will receive a FedEx tracking number. We guarantee that your tickets will arrive in time for your event with our 150% Guarantee.

Will a signature be needed for my ticket package?

Most ticket sellers require a signature for ticket delivery. This is to ensure that the tickets are physically received by someone. The decision to require a signature depends on the seller shipping the tickets.

Of course, if the signature requirement is problematic, customers can contact their ticket seller directly to waive the signature requirement, otherwise you could always...

  • Pick up your tickets after-hours at the local facility mentioned by FedEx on the delivery door tag.
  • Call FedEx and ask them to keep the tickets at their local facility so you can pick them up during the day.
  • Call FedEx and ask if they could deliver tickets at a time when it's more likely someone will be there to receive them.
  • Leave a note for FedEx delivery personnel to leave the tickets.

Can I ship to a P.O. Box?

Yes, tickets can be shipped to P.O. Boxes. If you P.O. Box is different from your billing address, just un-check the box next to "use my billing address as the shipping address" in checkout and enter your P.O. Box information.

Can tickets be shipped to somewhere other than the billing address?

Yes, customers are allowed to input an alternate shipping address for most orders placed through CheapTickets. However, there are certain restrictions that are based on the ticket order total. Additionally, sellers may request a signed authorization from you if they desire proof that you accept the alternate shipping address.

The alternate shipping policy is as follows:

  • If the order is less than $750, the seller is expected to ship the tickets to the alternate shipping address.
  • If the order is between $750 and $5000, the seller can reject the ticket order due to the address issue or else accept it and ship the tickets to the shipping address.
  • If the order is $5000 or greater, no alternate shipping address is allowed.

I placed several ticket orders. Can I combine shipping?

The inventory comes from many different sellers. Therefore, we cannot guarantee combined shipping on multiple orders. However, if your tickets are from the same seller, you may contact them after your order is confirmed to request that the shipping be combined. This service is at the discretion of the seller.

Event Cancellation and Postponement Policies

Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19)

For events that are cancelled in relation to the COVID-19 “Coronavirus” pandemic, CheapTickets wanted to provide details related to its cancellation and refund policy for tickets to events sold through its marketplace.

CheapTickets Events serves as a marketplace to purchase event tickets - but has no say in whether events are postponed or cancelled. Our policies related to cancelled and postponed events for tickets sold through our marketplace are below.

What if the event I purchased tickets for is cancelled?

Events that are cancelled by organizers without being rescheduled are eligible for a full refund based on our Money-Back Guarantee. In these cases, we will process a refund and return the sale amount already incurred to the purchasing credit card.

Do I need to call to receive a refund for a cancelled event?

No - You will receive an email if your event is cancelled with options provided to complete the process online.

How long will it take to get my refund?

Refunds may take approximately two to four weeks to be processed.

What if I received a credit voucher for my order?

For more information on credit vouchers please visit our Credit Voucher FAQs.

What if the event I purchased tickets for is postponed or rescheduled as a result of COVID-19?

For events that are postponed or rescheduled, tickets will be honored for the rescheduled date. If new tickets are issued for the event that has been rescheduled, buyers will be contacted with instructions on how to access the updated tickets. Your order will not qualify for a refund.

What if the event I purchased tickets for is suspended, paused, or delayed, for example an entire sports league?

Next steps for suspended, paused, or delayed events are first reviewed by our internal teams as we await final directions from the respective league and/or event organizers on these event tickets. Updates are provided as soon as we have more information.

What if the event I purchased tickets for is still planned to go on, but without spectators?

Events still occurring without spectators are being treated as cancelled. These tickets are eligible for a refund unless event organizers inform us otherwise.

Can I cancel an order after it is placed?

All sales for event tickets on CheapTickets are final. Please be sure you want to purchase the tickets before ordering.

Other Post-Order Questions

Why is there someone else’s name on my ticket?

The name on a customer’s ticket will be the name of the original purchaser. Therefore, your name will not be on the ticket purchased through CheapTickets. However, please note that the name on the tickets will not affect your ability to access the event. The most important aspect is that the bar code on the tickets scans when entering the event.

What happens if my tickets are lost or stolen?

Most e-tickets may be reprinted. Paper tickets are generally irreplaceable and can seldom be re-accessed or re-printed. The purpose of such restrictions is to prevent ticketing fraud via multiple printings of the same ticket. Regardless, customers should contact their seller to see if it is possible to re-access lost tickets.

I received the incorrect tickets. What should I do?

If the tickets you received are for the correct event, please first verify that your seats were not upgraded. It is our goal to provide the highest customer service experience possible. Therefore, if the original tickets you purchased had already been sold, we will do our best to replace your tickets with equivalent or better tickets than originally purchased.

If the tickets you received are not for the exact event, or if the section is not equivalent better than what you purchased, please contact customer service immediately to resolve any issues.

Why am I being asked to provide further identification like a drivers license?

We will make every commercially viable effort to protect the security of our customers. We want to ensure that you are you and you are authorized to make a purchase.

Why weren't the tickets I purchased available?

All event tickets listed on are listed by 3rd party ticket sellers which are vigorously screened and monitored. It is however possible in some rare instances that the ticket you purchased had already been sold somewhere else prior to the seller receiving your order through If this is the case, we will do everything in our power to provide you with substitute tickets that are equivalent or better to the event tickets you originally purchased.

Why was my order rejected?

Due to the nature of the online marketplace, there is usually some lag time between when tickets are purchased and when the ticket listings are updated. As tickets are sold, sellers must manually update their listings. This means that your tickets may have been ordered by another customer before you had the chance to submit yours. This is a rare occurrence, but if it should happen to you, please contact our customer service representatives and they will be happy to help you find a similar seat or a seat.


Why are similar tickets priced differently in the same section? event tickets are aggregated from hundreds of qualified and screened professional ticket sellers that buy and sell tickets to events worldwide. Sellers set their own prices based off of the current market value of their tickets. Therefore, similar tickets priced higher than other tickets in that section may not necessarily be better.

Why are the ticket prices different than the face value of the tickets?

Sellers decide to resell their tickets at a price that reflects the market, and prices often rise and fall with supply and demand. The result is that tickets on our website are often sold either above or below face value. The benefit for ticket buyers is they don't have to wait in line, on their computers, or on the phone for hours months in advance of an event to get a good seat. Instead, customers can find great seats even a couple weeks before from an event.

Do I have to pay sales tax?

Taxes on tickets actually vary substantially from state-to-state and even between localities in various states - an ever-changing situation. This means that local and/or state taxes are not calculated on our checkout page during the purchase process. (Ticketing taxes are based on the location of the ticket seller supplying an order and most prevalent in Texas, Chicago, California, Michigan and Canada.

Seat Locations

What are General Admission & Standing Room Only Tickets?

If tickets are general admission or standing room only, that typically means that the tickets you are purchasing are do not have assigned seats and will provide you access to a designated area on a first come, first serve basis.

Will all of my seats be together?

Unless otherwise specified in the ticket listing notes, tickets are guaranteed to be together. If tickets are listed in a general category, zone, section, or row, we guarantee that they will be together; examples include: "Zone A," Section 200," "Row 102," etc.

However, if the notes read "Section 2, rows A-Z", the seats may not be together. A note that includes "piggybacked," (ex: "Section 2, Rows A and B, piggybacked") indicates that one seat is in front of the other in two separate rows.

If the exact tickets I purchased are not available, what tickets will I receive?

Occasionally tickets ordered may no longer be available at the price or in the quantity originally ordered at the time the order is received. If equivalent or better seat locations are available at the same price, the ticket seller will fill the order with the alternative seat locations.

What is Zone Seating?

Zone seating is a recent introduction in the secondary ticket market that borrows entertainment trends from Europe. The seating itself involves venues being geographically demarcated into various chunks according to some visual model. The chunks concerned are often dubbed "Zones" and randomly drawn and marked with varying creativity. (Zones could be labeled as A, B, C or GOLD, SILVER, BRONZE or any such system of categorization.) Event-goers are then given options to purchase seats based solely on their Zone location. (Some sellers will choose to specify seating location in greater detail in their ticket notes)

Hotels, Flights, Cars, and other Travel Support & Services

How do I contact CheapTickets about my travel-related questions, for example regarding hotels, flights, etc.?

For travel, hotel, flights, cruise, and car bookings support: Call (888) 922-8849 or visit us for live chat and other NON-event ticket / travel-related contact options.