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Lindsey Stirling shattered all preconceptions of classical and rock music by combining them together in her wildly popular violin compositions. Extremely successful on YouTube, where her channel has over one billion views, live Lindsey Stirling concerts demonstrate her full talent, energy, and vivaciousness as she dances and plays across the stage. Pick up your cheap Lindsey Stirling tickets today for an inspiring and captivating musical experience!

Rising to stardom against the odds
Growing up with limited resources, Lindsey Stirling's early exposure to violin was only through weekly fifteen-minute lessons. Equally fanatic about dance, Lindsey Stirling found a unique way to combine her two talents, simultaneously performing the music through dance and on the violin. In 2010 she was a contestant on America's Got Talent, where she reached the quarter-finals. When judges appreciated her talent but doubted her commercial reach, Lindsey Stirling turned to the Internet to promote herself. Her unique blend of classical music, hip hop, EDM, and dubstep has lead to successful singles like "Crystallize," "Spontaneous Me," and a popular cover of "Radioactive" with a cappella group Pentatonix.

Lindsey Stirling's signature sound and charismatic personality has drawn fans from around the world. With her hypnotizing live performances, cheap Lindsey Stirling tickets are in high demand. Snag your cheap tickets here for one of the most unique violin concerts you'll ever experience!

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