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As one of the most successful franchises in baseball history, the St. Louis Cardinals are second in World Series Championships behind only the power-house New York Yankees, who boast the most titles. With one of the earliest histories and establishments in Major League Baseball, the Cardinals have clinched 11 World Series titles, 13 division titles and 19 National League pennants over the years. Every season the Cardinals attract fans from all over the country to see them play. Get your cheap tickets to the St. Louis Cardinals 2023 season today!

Franchise History

Baseball in St. Louis dates all the way back to 1875 when the St. Louis Brown Stockings were founded. For their first season they were members of the National Association, and after the dismemberment of the association in 1876 they became members of the National League. After a scandal broke out surrounding the team in 1877, the Brown Stockings were expelled from the National League. They continued to play without being associated with a league until 1881 when they went bankrupt. In 1882 the team was acquired under new ownership, and they made the team the founding members of the American Association to directly compete with the National League. Following the end of the 1891 baseball season, the establishment of the American Association came to a close. It was that year that the team - then known as the St. Louis Browns - rejoined the National League with 11 other teams. Loyal fans eagerly lined up for cheap tickets thereafter. After being known as the Browns, the team was briefly called the Perfectos before the official Cardinals naming in 1900.

The Cardinals won their first of many World Series titles in 1926 against the New York Yankees. For the next several years the Cardinals would be a dominate force on the mound and the batter’s box, plowing their way to the top. The 1940’s brought a new era of baseball to the Cardinals, who would win three World Series titles in the decade. With many of the members of that team going on to be inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame, this decade was one of the most successful in the Cardinals franchise. The team rode the high from the 40’s into the early 1950’s before they began to slip. They would not win another title until 1964, going seventeen seasons between titles. More recently the Cardinals have worked their way back to the top winning two World Series titles in 2006 and 2011. In 2018 the Cardinals dismissed their longtime manager Mike Matheny after a poor performing season. However, with the new management in 2019, fans are excited to see their team improve and make their comeback!

Busch Memorial Stadium

The team's original home field at Sportsman's Park only lasted for 10 years. Next came the New Sportsman's Park, better known as Robison Park, in honor of deceased owner Frank Robison. In 1920, the Cardinals left to return to their original home field where they stayed for the next 46 years. During that time, the team was bought by the Anheuser-Busch Brewery, who also purchased the Sportsman's Park and renamed it Busch Stadium and then later, Busch I. A third stadium, Busch Memorial Stadium and also known Busch II, was built in 1966 and this is where the Cardinals played until 2005. The team's current home field in downtown St. Louis is Busch Stadium, also known as Busch III.

Opened in 2006, Busch Memorial Stadium was built with a panoramic view of the downtown skyline. Throughout the exterior and interior of the stadium there are statues of past Cardinals players, some of who have even been inducted into the Hall of Fame. The food options within the stadium are like no other! There is everything from classic concession food to St. Louis favorites; pork steak sandwiches and toasted ravioli. Whether you are looking for a three-course buffet within a fancy restaurant, or a simpler patio environment serving cookout food, there are plenty of options! Unlike many venues, the stadium allows outside food and beverages to be taken in! The popularity of the stadium makes cheap Cardinals tickets hard to find!


Although recent seasons would have Cardinals fans hoping that the Boston Red Sox and the San Francisco Giants were beat, rival history dates back much farther than these recent matchups. Perhaps the team's biggest rival is with the Chicago Cubs, which has been known as the Cardinals-Cubs rivalry and even the Downstate Illinois rivalry since both cities are located relatively close to each other. Until 2015, the two teams had never played each other in the postseason. The Cincinnati Reds and the Los Angeles Dodgers are two other rivals.

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