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What’s a better way to connect with your friends and family than attending a Major League Baseball game? Imagine yourself in the stands at a baseball game, catching up with old friends, sharing your love for baseball with family, or maybe getting to know someone on a date! Keeping you on your toes throughout, a game can change in the matter of seconds with the sharp crack of a bat. Baseball produces some of the most loyal fans in professional sports, filling the stands rapidly on games days. Grab your cheap MLB tickets here and get ready to sing along with the whole ballpark during the 7th inning stretch!

Becoming America’s Favorite Pastime

Major League Baseball is the oldest professional sports league in the United States and Canada. Founded in 1903, the league was not the first to professionalize the sport of baseball. Dating back to the American Civil War, the sport was played by soldiers while they were at camp. After the war had ended The National Association of Base Ball Players (NABBP) was formed as an amateur league and by 1867 there were over 400 clubs in the league. In 1869 the first professional baseball team was formed; the Cincinnati Red Stockings, today known as the Cincinnati Reds. After the founding of the Reds, the NABBP dismantled into two groups; professionals and amateurs. The professionals would go on to create what is today known as the National League. For years they were the only league in the sport until 1901 when the American League was created. During the 1920s and the early 1930s the sport began to rise in popularity due to star players and teams beginning to emerge from the woodworks. When the Great Depression hit, baseball managed to survive as the primal entertainment for Americans when they cut player salaries to allow for lower ticket prices, and even letting in women and children for free. Throughout the 1950s and 1960s the league took a risk and began to expand across the country, building new stadiums and implementing the use of artificial turf. In the 1990s and 2000s the league was plagued with accusations that some players were taking performance enhancing drugs. Even through its rollercoaster history, baseball remains to this day one of America’s favorite pastimes.

Baseball Today

Today the league is made up of 30 teams, 29 of which are in the United States and 1 in Canada. The teams are split evenly down the middle, with 15 representing the National League and 15 representing the American League. Seasonally the teams play a total of 162 games, and the top five teams within each league go on to play in tournament style playoff games. Today with dynamic teams such as the New York Yankees, Boston Red Sox and Chicago Cubs the league has greatly evolved from its early stages.

Season Structure

The MLB season begins well in advance to the regular season. Perhaps one of the most exciting preseasons’ in all of sports, MLB Spring Training draws in thousands of fans to Arizona and Florida where they can watch their favorite teams gearing up for the season. Beginning in February and going well into April, spring training gives fans a sneak peak into potential line ups for the season. Starting the first Sunday of April and going through the first Sunday of October, the MLB regular season lasts for exactly 162 games per team. The games consist of 19 interdivisional games with each of their four division rivals, and the remaining games are divided out as series amongst the remaining ten teams. As October nears the top ten teams are set to face off in an elimination style playoff tournament ending with the World Series.

All Star Game

Just after the halfway point of the season, the league takes a four-day break during which they host the MLB All-Star game. Designated as a friendly exhibition game, a team of top players representing the National League and a team representing the American League face off on the field. The game not only provides a break for the players not participating, but it also provides fans with the chance to see the top players in the league all on one field! The weekend long event features the celebrity all-star game, the Home Run Derby, and the actual All-Star game.

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MLB 2022 Postseason

The 2022 MLB Postseason is underway! Baseball's best take the field and battle it out in hopes to advance to the World Series. The matchups are set for the ALDS and NLDS This best-of-seven game series will have baseball fans on the edges of their seat waiting to see who will advance, and who will get sent home. The winners of the Division Series move onto the ALCS and NLCS

MLB 2023 Season

The MLB Opening Day is just around the corner. Spring Training is in full swing and all 30 MLB teams will be vying for a chance to make the playoffs and earn their spot in the World Series. Here's a full breakdown of what we can expect from each team and who to keep an eye on.

American League Preview

AL East

The American League East looks like it could be one of the more competitive divisions this year with the New York Yankees, Toronto Blue Jays, and Tampa Bay Rays all looking to make a return to the playoffs. Both the Yankees and Blue Jays have tons of firepower in their lineups and plenty of pitching talent and Tampa Bay is always pesky and looking to surprise teams when you least expect it. The Baltimore Orioles went on a late season run and have put together a formidable roster. Will it be enough to contend and make them competitive in the division and possibly earn a Wild Card spot? Lastly, the Boston Red Sox who have lost players to free agency and injury. They'll undoubtedly have their hands full with staying competitive within the division.

AL Central

The Cleveland Guardians will most definitely be looking to continue to defy expectations led by MVP-candidate Jose Ramirez and all-star pitcher Shane Bieber. The Minnesota Twins will also be in the divisional mix. After a strong off-season, the Twins will look to challenge the GuardiansThe Chicago White Sox will also be lurking in the shadows. Despite underachieving last season, Chicago has an impressive roster and will look to make some noise this season. Rounding out the division are the Detroit Tigers who are about to say farewell to franchise superstar Miguel Cabrera, as well as the Kansas City Royals, who've been in a rebuilding phase for several years now.

AL West

The AL West is home to defending World Series champs the Houston Astros. The division is also home to the Cinderella story, Seattle Mariners, who ended a 20+ year playoff drought. Led by American League Rookie of the Year Julio Rodriguez, the Mariners will look to challenge Houston. The division also features the Los Angeles Angels. While their roster features two of the game's brightest stars in Mike Trout and Shohei Ohtani, the team has failed to live up to expectations, but this season may prove different. There is also the Texas Rangers who are looking to become competitive after signing perennial Cy Young candidate Jacob deGrom. Lastly, the Oakland Athletics who lost 102 games last season - a feat the franchise had not accomplished since 1979.

National League Preview

NL East

Quite arguably the most competitive division in Major League Baseball. For starters the Philadelphia Phillies, will look to make a return trip to the World Series, after having come up short against Houston. The New York Mets had a very busy off-season spending in free agency and will look to avenge their embarrassing late season collapse. You can never count out the Atlanta Braves who will look to challenge the Phillies and Mets for division supremacy. Rounding out the division are the Miami Marlins and the Washington Nationals. The Marlins have assembled quite the lineup and have a pitching rotation featuring the reigning NL Cy Young winner, Sandy Alcántara; however, the division is just too deep. The Nationals on the other hand are in the midst of a rebuild and are no longer the team they once were.

NL Central

In 2022 the NL Central was dominated by the St. Louis Cardinals who managed to win the division with lackluster pitching. The bats of NL MVP Paul Goldschmidt, as well as Nolan Arenado carried the Cards into the post-season. The Cardinals divisional rivals, the Milwaukee Brewers failed to make the playoffs last season, a first since 2017. Their pitching had high expectations that simply could not be met. This year should hopefully prove different. The Chicago Cubs are hoping the addition of shortstop Dansby Swanson will add some power to a lineup that at times struggled offensively last season. The Cincinnati Reds don't look like they have much to be optimistic for. Coming off a 62-win season and shipping off some of their best players, Cincy is a team without an identity. Lastly, the Pittsburgh Pirates. This team may not win a lot of ball games but they do have some bright spots on the roster. Ke'Bryan Hayes, ONeil Cruz, and Bryan Reynolds are just a few of the names making up this young, but talented Pittsburgh roster.

NL West

By all accounts the NL West was a one horse division with the Los Angeles Dodgers running away with the division and finishing with a 22-game lead and fielding one of the best teams of all time. Unfortunately, they would come up short losing to the San Diego Padres in the Divisional Series. The Padres also have an impressive lineup and pitching rotation and will look to challenge the Dodgers for the division. The San Francisco Giants were close but unable to sign either Aaron Judge or Carlos Correa. They did add some depth to their lineup and hope to be competitive within the division. Colorado Rockies not only finished last in the division last season, but had an offseason that was equally as forgettable. They''ll be looking to hopefully turn things around this season. Lastly, the Arizona Diamondbacks. The Diamodbacks have a young core and will look to climb their way up the standings. It won't be easy in this division; however, it looks like there could be light at the end of the tunnel for them.

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Frequently Asked Questions About MLB

When was the MLB founded?

The National League was founded in 1876, and the American League was formed in 1901. The two merged in 1903 to form Major League Baseball.

When is the MLB All Star Game?

MLB is back with their annual MLB All Star Game on July 11, 2023 this season. T-Mobile Park in Seattle will host the all-star weekend and the game. The game will have the top players and coaches from the American and National league hitting home runs, stealing bases and putting on a show for fans. Tickets are available now.

How much are MLB tickets?

Tickets to watch MLB games live vary depending on the teams playing, the location of the game and day of week the game occurs. CheapTickets has MLB tickets for every team available before the season starts. Check the schedule to see when your favorite team plays another top team.

How many games are in a MLB season?

Each MLB team plays 162 games in a regular season.

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