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Is there anything like the sound of a cracking bat smashing a ball out of the park? Or the smell of popcorn and ball hot dogs charred so it burst and is spilling with condiments. There is truly no comparison to a baseball stadium experience. Filled with taunts and jeers of, "Swing batter batter swing," it's hard not to get caught up in it all. Pick up some cheap World Series tickets and cracker jacks to fully immerse yourself into America’s favorite pastime!


In 1903 the MLB decided they needed a way to determine the best team in the league, and the World Series annual championship was born. Before 1969, the team with the best record in each league would play in the Series. But now teams must earn their keep by playing in a championship series to make it to the final game. The World Series consists of seven games. The first team to win four is crowned the World Champ. The New York Yankees hold the No. one spot for the most won championships with 27 wins. The No. two spot belongs to the St. Louis Cardinals with 11 wins. Great World Series moments are classified by the unbelievable catches, home runs and underdog comebacks - so depending on which team you're rooting for you might dispute some of these. But who can forget New York Giant's Willie Mays grab in 1954 against the Cleveland Guardians (formerly Indians) in Game One? This has been dubbed "The Catch" and has gone down in history as one of the best plays of all time. Even if you aren't a Red Sox fan, who can help but smile thinking about the 2004 Series when the team finally broke the "Curse of the Bambino" and won their first World Series since 1918. Imagine if you had World Series tickets to that game - you would have witnessed serious history.

2022 World Series

The 2022 World Series will feature the American League Champion Houston Astros taking on the National League Champions, the Philadelphia Phillies. The Astros road to the World Series was not all that difficult. Their pitching has been top-notch, and their lineup has gotten on base and scored. The Astros were penciled in as early favorities to be playing deep into the postseason, so few should be surprised by their presence. The Phillies on the other hand have been the unlikely story for this season's playoffs. After advancing to the postseason for the first time since 2011, the Phillies have defied all odds. After winning their Wild Card series against the St Louis Cardinals they ran through the defending World Series Champs, the -Atlanta Braves to advance to the National League Championship Series where they faced the San Diego Padres. They defeated the Padres with relative ease and now face their toughest challenge yet, the heavily favored Houston Astros.

Houston comes into this series as the clear-cut favorite. After running through the New York Yankees in the American League Championship Series, the Astros will head back to Houston before taking on the red-hot Phillies. Houston's pitching rotation, as well as their bullpen has been outstanding. Their lineup has been able to not only get runners on base, but also score runs. Astros rookie shortstop Jeremy Peña has been simply outstanding this postseason, and was awarded the American League Championship Series MVP. The Astros have yet to lose a game this postseason. Commandeered by ace starting pitcher Justin Verlander and sluggers Alex Bregman and Yordan Alvarez, the Astros are poised for another World Series victory, but will NLCS MVP-winner Bryce Harper and the Phillies ruin those plans? Don't miss any of the action, as Game 1 will kick off with the Phillies heading to Minute Maid Park.

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