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About Atlanta Braves vs. St. Louis Cardinals

If there is a rivalry between these two National League (NL) teams, then it is a post-season affair. The Atlanta Braves and the St. Louis Cardinals have met in 14 post-season games, out of which the Cardinals have won 10 games. The Cardinals dominate the Braves in the regular season head-to-head record as well. However, the margin isn’t big enough to make the Braves-Cardinals games a one-sided contest. There is always an element of uncertainty and unpredictability when these two take to the field. This is why these two teams are responsible for some of the most memorable moments in baseball history.

Interesting Moments between the Braves and the Cardinals

The Longest Game

The longest game between these two teams was played on May 14, 1988. It was at Busch Stadium II and lasted for 5 hours and 40 minutes. The two teams were tied till the eighteenth inning when in the top of the nineteenth the Braves scored two runs and won the game 7-5.

A Wild Card elimination game, a questionable call, and the protesting Braves

In the 2012 MLB post-season, the Braves and the Cardinals played their very first Wild Card elimination game at Turner Field. Everything was alright till the left field umpire made a late and questionable infield fly rule call. If he had not made the call, the bases would have been loaded with only one out. The Braves were enraged and their fans soon started throwing bottles on the field. The Braves manager Fredi González urged the crowd to stop throwing bottles. The Cardinals eventually won the game.

The Teams’ Head-to-Head Record

As mentioned earlier, the Cardinals dominate the Braves in the regular season head-to-head record. Their detailed, regular season, head-to-head record is as follows:

Total Games Played Wins Losses Win-Loss % Runs Scored Runs Allowed Home Win-Loss Record Away Win-Loss Record
2060 1076 966 .527 9106 8957 572-453 504-513

The Braves had their longest winning streak of 11 games over the Cardinals from September 2, 1896, till June 1, 1897. On the other hand, from May 27, 1943, till September 27, 1943, the St. Louis Cardinals held their longest winning streak of 16 games over the Braves.

Braves and Cardinals Hall of Famers

The Braves and the Cardinals are two of the oldest teams in the MLB. The Braves are actually the oldest continuously operating professional sports team in the US. Therefore, both teams boast a large number of Hall of Fame players.

Famous Braves

Hank Aaron -One of the greatest baseball players, Aaron still holds multiple MLB offensive records despite retiring in 1976.

Bobby Cox -Cox holds the all-time record for ejections in MLB. He is also considered one of the greatest managers ever.

Phil Niekro -The winner of five Gold Glove Awards, Niekro was selected for five All-Star teams.

Famous Cardinals

Stan Musial –Arguably the greatest Cardinal ever, Musial won three World Series Championships for the Cardinals.

Ozzie Smith - Smith is considered to be the best Cardinals shortstop with 76.5 WAR and 1257 runs scored.

Bob Gibson –Gibson was the best Cardinals pitcher ever with 3,117 strikeouts and 2.91 ERA

Watch the “Post-Season Rivalry” in person

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