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Washington Nationals vs. St. Louis Cardinals Tickets

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About Washington Nationals vs. St. Louis Cardinals

The St. Louis Cardinals and the Washington Nationals both play in the National League of the MLB. This is the only thing in common between these two baseball teams. The Cardinals were established almost half a century before the Nationals. With eleven World Series titles, nineteen NL pennants and ten Central Division titles, the Cardinals are a highly decorated franchise. The Washington Nationals on the other hand, have only four East Division titles, three of which were in 2012, 2014 and as recent as 2016.

Although these two teams do not have much in common, there is one thing that unites them, the passion for the game. Here are a couple of passionate and memorable moments between the Cardinals and the Nationals.

Memorable Moments between the Cardinals and the Nationals

2012 NLDS Game 4 – Even though the Washington Nationals lost the NLDS 3-2 in 2012, there was a moment in Game 4 that defined the team. The St. Louis Cardinals already led the series 2-1, when game 4 came around, it was a must win game for the Nationals. After surviving a 13 pitch at bat, Jayson Werth blasted a solo home run to win the game for the Nationals. For Nationals fans, it was a moment of vindication that their team belonged in the big leagues.

August 26, 2010 – Playing at the Nationals Park, the Cardinals and the Nationals had perhaps one of their toughest meetings. With the Nationals leading 8-6 in the bottom of the eighth, the Cardinals came back strong in the ninth and scored 4 runs. Having scored 2 runs of their own in the same inning, the Nationals saw the game go into the tenth. Finally in the thirteenth inning, Nyjer Morgan of the Nationals scored the game winning run to make it 11-10. The game lasted four hours and thirty five minutes.

The Nationals & the Cardinals – Head to Head

Here is how the Washington Nationals measure up against the St. Louis Cardinals in head to head contests

Games Played Wins Losses Wins %age Home Wins-Losses Away Wins-Losses
610 296 313 .486 172-137 124-176

The longest winning streak for the Washington Nationals (then known as the Montreal Expos) against the St. Louis Cardinals was 7 games from April 17, 1985, to July 1, 1985. For the St. Louis Cardinals, the longest winning streak against the Nationals was 8 games from September 30, 2012, to April 17, 2014.

The St. Louis Cardinals and the Washington Nationals have met once in the post season in 2012. The Nationals lost that series 3-2.

The Greats behind the Nationals and the Cardinals

The Washington Nationals may be a young team but they’ve had some remarkable players on their roster. The list starts with Ian Desmond who is the longest tenured player with the Nationals. Desmond is also one of the four shortstops in history to have at least three 20/20 seasons. Jordan Zimmerman is another National who had an ERA of 3.24 in 145 games. And then there is Ryan Zimmerman, the original face of the franchise.

As for the St. Louis Cardinals, there is third baseman Albert Pujols who won Rookie of the Year in 2001 and hit 445 homeruns during his tenure. Bob Gibson is another player who won an MVP and two Cy Young Awards. Other greats include outfielder Joe Medwick, first baseman Jim Bottomley, shortstop Ozzie Smith and the greatest of them all, second baseman Rogers Hornsby.

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