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One of the most dynamic and energetic teams in the NHL today is the New York Rangers. Attending a Rangers game live at Madison Square Garden is guaranteed to be not only the highlight of this upcoming NHL season, but also of your entire year! Get your cheap New York Rangers tickets today to see this energetic team for yourself!

The Making of an Iconic Team

The Rangers are one of the oldest teams in the NHL and part of the Original Six along with the Boston Bruins, Chicago Blackhawks, Detroit Red Wings, Montreal Canadiens, and Toronto Maple Leafs. The Rangers played their first game in the 1926-1927 season, with their original logo depicting a cowboy, as the team was then commonly known as “Tex’s Rangers”. During their first season the Rangers made it to the playoffs, only to be eliminated by the Bruins after they won their first division title. The following season the team was the first NHL franchise in the United States to win the Stanley Cup, which they have done a total of four times, most recently during the 1993-1994 season. After bringing home their first Cup title, the Rangers went through a short period of poor fortunes where they failed to produce much in the league. In 1933 the Rangers with the help of the Cook brothers brought home their second Stanley Cup with a victory over the Toronto Maple Leafs. The two teams had another meeting in the Stanley Cup Finals again in 1940, with the Rangers defeating them yet again bringing home their third title. For the next 50 plus years the Rangers struggled to produce much of anything in the post season, winning only a handful of division titles but never securing another Cup.

Breaking the Curse

In 1991 the Rangers secured center Mark Messier from the Edmonton Oilers who would down the road prove to be a substantial part of the Rangers securing their fourth Stanley Cup. In the 1993-1994 season the Rangers won themselves the President’s Trophy for the second time and weaved their way through all three rounds of the playoffs making it to the finals against the Vancouver Canucks. With the help of Brian Leetch and Mark Messier the Rangers won their first Stanley Cup in 54 years, breaking a “curse” that many players and fans believed was placed on the team.

Coming off their success of the 1994 Stanley Cup, the Rangers coaching staff saw several detrimental changes leading the team to begin a slight decline. In 1996 the Rangers acquired Wayne Gretzky who brought the team back into the spotlight winning them the 1997 Eastern Conference Championships. After the retirement of Mark Messier in 1997, the Rangers struggled to replace such a powerhouse player. Over the next several years the Rangers acquired several star players in the likes of Pavel Bure, and Jaromir Jagr but failed to place at the top of the standings.

The Henrik Lundqvist Era

In the 2000 NHL Draft the New York Rangers picked Swedish goaltender Henrik Lundqvist 205th overall. Although he did not make his debut on Broadway until the 2005-2006 season, he took a team many deemed to be doomed for the season and gave them the best record in franchise history since their 1994 Stanley Cup Championship run. Quickly realizing the potential of the young Lundqvist, the Rangers organization began to rebuild their team surrounding Jagr and Lundqvist. The Rangers had their first Cup Final appearance in 20 years in 2014 against the Los Angeles Kings. They ultimately lost in five games to the Kings-marking the last time they have made it that far in the Stanley Cup Finals. By the 2014-2015 season, the Rangers won their third President’s Trophy. This was their best season to date in which they went 53-22-7 for a total of 113 points. Despite forcing a game seven in the second round against the Tampa Bay Lightning, the Rangers lost eliminating them from the playoffs. For the next several years the Rangers were playoff contenders but were never able to capitalize on any of those appearances. In 2018 the team failed to qualify for the playoffs for the first time since 2010, and with that the organization announced they would begin rebuilding the core of their team. As part of their rebuild the Rangers sent away several veteran players in search of younger talent. Throughout 2019 the Rangers added depth to the roster in the likes of Kappo Kakko, Artemi Panarin, Adam Fox, and Jacob Trouba. With the rebuild almost complete, fans are eager to see how the New York Rangers are going to perform in the upcoming season!

Must See Matchups

Every season Rangers fans pack into the 18,000+ seat Madison Square Garden to see the Rangers play against their greatest rivals. Top rivals for the team include the New Jersey Devils, the Philadelphia Flyers, the New York Islanders, and the Boston Bruins. The rivalries with the Devils and the Islanders are solely based upon both being within the same Metropolitan division as the Rangers, as well as them being in such close proximity to the team. The rivalry with the Devils is commonly referred to as the “Battle of the Hudson River”, as the two play less than 10 miles apart with only the Hudson River separating them. Known as the “Battle of New York” the rivalry between the Islanders and the Rangers is more intense among the fans than it is among the players on the ice! No matter who the rival is, a game against them is one that you sure do not want to miss!

New York Rangers vs. Philadelphia Flyers

The Rangers-Flyers rivalry, also known as Broadway versus Broad Street, is one of the most storied and well-known rivalries in the NHL. The two teams have met eleven times in the Stanley Cup Playoffs, with the Flyers wining six and the Rangers winning five of the series. They have also been divisional rivals since the 1974-1975 season. The ferocity of the rivalry can be attributed to the geographic New York-Philadelphia rivalry, which is mirrored in the; NFL’s Eagles -Giants rivalry, NBA’s Knicks - 76ers rivalry, and the MLB’s Mets - Phillies rivalry.

New York Rangers vs. Boston Bruins

Although the New York Rangers and Boston Bruins do not play within the same division as each other, they share a conference ensuring that the two play each other several times throughout the season. As both members of the Original Six, the rivalry between the two dates back the further than most. While the rivalry had peaked in 1970, it was revitalized in 2013 when the two faced off in the playoffs for the first time in nearly 40 years. In total the two have appeared in 10 playoff series against each other with the bruins winning seven out of those ten. Like with Philadelphia, this rivalry can be mirrored in all of the other major sporting leagues with the Yankees- Red Sox rivalry, Celtics- Knicks rivalry, and Jets- Patriots rivalry.

Make sure to catch seasoned players such as left winger Chris Kreider and goaltender Henrik Lundqvist tear up the ice this season! Get your great, cheap Rangers tickets here before they sell out. You do not want to wait until they are all gone, and you are stuck watching the game from home!

Are the New York Rangers allowing fans at Madison Square Garden?

Yes! Ranger hockey is back at MSG with fans in the stands. Rangers tickets to key matchups and heated rivalries are available at CheapTickets, like Rangers Bruins tickets and Rangers Flyers tickets.

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