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Football is a kick-off to fall, and football fans love spending their afternoons in the cool fall air, tailgating before games, decked out in their team's apparel, cheering on their team — and shouting at the refs! It's one of the most beloved sports in America, with passionate fans, dramatic turns of play, and a season that leads to the Super Bowl. Get your cheap NFL tickets here to get in on the action yourself. NFL fans are dedicated to their teams and fill the stadiums eagerly. Teams like the Patriots, the Giants, the Saints, the Seahawks, the Steelers, the Jets, and dozens of others regularly play to sold-out crowds. If you're a diehard fan dreaming of the Super Bowl, get your cheap NFL tickets here today! Of course, the whole seasons leads up in anticipation to the Super Bowl. Cheap Super Bowl tickets are nearly impossible to find, so make sure to get yours here today. Even if you don't get to the Super Bowl, a regular season game is a great way to spend time with family, hang out with friends, even go on a date! Millions of people watch football at home, but it's much more exciting to be in the stadium yourself, feeling the electricity of the fans and players. Kick-off your football season right! Get cheap NFL tickets here to join thousands of others cheering for your favorite team!

Did you know these facts about the National Football League?

  • The NFL is split into two conferences. The American Football Conference and the National Football Conference. These two leagues were co-dependent before they combined into one league becoming the National Football League.
  • Every April, the NFL holds a draft for teams to recruit eligible college players. Prior to the NFL Draft, many of the top recruits and scouts attend the NFL Combine. This is where player are given an opportunity to showcase their athleticism.
  • The NFL draft order is picked upon the previous years' standings. The Super Bowl champion is given the last pick in the draft.
  • The NFL typically has around 16.5 million TV viewers for each game.

NFL Quick Facts

Current Super Bowl Champion: New England Patriots
Commissioner: Roger Goodell (Since 2006)
Established: 1920
Most Titles: Pittsburgh Steelers and New England Patriots (6 Super Bowl Wins)

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