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As the NHL begins to unfold, be sure to get your cheap tickets to see one of the most notorious Original Six teams- The Chicago Blackhawks! Based in Chicago at their home venue, the United Center, the most die-hard Chicago Blackhawks fans never fail to make it to their high intensity home games! The arena is also home to the Chicago Bulls NBA team, and hosts over 200 events per year. Every season thousands of fans flock to the United Center, where they sell out every section! Join along with all the other fans and mascot Tommy Hawk as they sing “Here Come the Hawks” welcoming the team onto the ice. Get your cheap Chicago Blackhawks tickets today to be a part of all the excitement that is a Blackhawks game!

Franchise History

The Chicago Blackhawks were granted to the city of Chicago in 1926 by the National Hockey League, the team entered the league alongside the present-day Detroit Red Wings and New York Rangers. The name “Blackhawks” was created by owner Fredrick McLaughlin in honor of his Blackhawk division that he commanded during World War I. Interested in promoting American born hockey players, the Chicago Blackhawks became the first team in the league to have an all-American born lineup-a feat very rare in the sport then.

Starting play in the 1926-1927 season, the Blackhawks had to prove themselves early in the league. They finished their first season in third place and they even qualified for their first playoff appearance, only to be eliminated by the Boston Bruins in the first round. After a few years of turmoil, the Blackhawks reached their first Stanley Cup Final in 1931 but were quickly eliminated by the Montreal Canadiens. In the 1933-1934 season the Chicago Blackhawks brought home their first Stanley Cup title against the Detroit Red Wings. After barely qualifying for the playoffs in 1938, the Blackhawks stunned many and brought home their second Stanley Cup after defeating the Toronto Maple Leafs. The Blackhawks secured their third Stanley Cup in 1961 against the Detroit Red Wings, a victory that marked the beginning of a downward spiral for the team.

The Chicago Blackhawks have won the Stanley Cup six times since their founding in 1926. Before taking home the 2010 Stanley Cup championship, the Chicago Blackhawks suffered the second longest cup drought in NHL history, right behind the Toronto Maple Leafs. Lasting 49 years, it finally ended with a sudden death overtime goal from Patrick Kane that gave them the advantage over the Philadelphia Flyers in game six of the series. Since then, the Blackhawks have won the Stanley Cup in 2013 and 2015. As the team continues to prepare for upcoming seasons, be sure to get the best cheap tickets you can get before you are stuck at home and watching from the couch!

Legendary Blackhawks

Some of the greatest players to cross the ice for the Chicago Blackhawks include defenseman Keith Magnuson who played 589 NHL games with the Hawks, goalie Ed Belfour, defenseman Chris Chelios, center Denis Savard and franchise leading scorer Stan Mikita, who scored 1,467 points! More recently Jonathan Toews the current captain, Patrick Kane, and Corey Crawford take the ice for the Blackhawks looking to add another Stanley Cup to the franchise.

Chicago Blackhawks vs Nashville Predators

Ever since the Nashville Predators entered the league in 1998, they have had a rivalry with the Chicago Blackhawks. Due to the two playing within the same division, they regularly face off throughout the season. The rivalry began to heat up when the two met in the 2010 Western Conference Playoffs, with the Blackhawks advancing after a very competitive series. In 2015 the two met once again in the post season-with the Blackhawks once again defeating the Predators and going on to win the Stanley Cup. The front office staff of the Nashville Predators even tried prohibiting anyone outside of Tennessee from purchasing tickets in order to keep dedicated Blackhawk fans out! The third time the two met in the post season came in 2017 when the Predators swept the Blackhawks, only allowing them to score three goals in the entire series. With two of the most dedicated fan bases in the league, seeing a game between these two is not only going to be an exciting experience on the ice-but also off the ice!

Chicago Blackhawks vs. St. Louis Blues

The rivalry between the Blackhawks and the St. Louis Blues has been ongoing since as early as the 1970s but heightened during the 80s and 90s when brawls between fans in the stands were common. Though the ongoing rivalry temporarily cooled down, it picked up again when both teams saw a boost in performance around 2010. Seeing a game between the Blackhawks and Blues is sure to be one that you are not going to forget!

Today the Chicago Blackhawks are perhaps one of the most well-known teams in the league. From a deeply rooted history in the city of Chicago, to star players who give it their all on the ice every game- attending a Blackhawks game is sure to be a memory that you will not soon forget. Don’t miss out on all the action, order your cheap Blackhawks tickets now!

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