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About Jeff Dunham

Jeff Dunham ignited the stand-up comedy scene as he brought a new element to the stage — a puppet. Jeff Dunham comedy shows are known for his masterful ventriloquism, and the irreverent attitudes of his "co-stars," who often say inappropriate or scathing things. Jeff Dunham shows are incredibly popular, as his comedy is truly unique, and Jeff Dunham tickets disappear very quickly. Don't wait to get your cheap Jeff Dunham tickets today! Jeff Dunham became committed to his craft at an early age, when he got a puppet for Christmas when he was 8. He first started performing with his puppet in high school, where his classmates embraced the routine. However, in the real world of entertainment, Jeff Dunham and his puppet faced difficulty and prejudice. Starting in the 1990s, Jeff Dunham received a few breaks, including guest spots on TV shows such as "The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson" and "Ellen." His career soared to new heights when he signed a deal with Comedy Central. Now, his show is translated into dozens of languages and he has reached international comedian star status. Some of his most popular puppets include "bad kid" Peanut, grumpy old man Walter, and José Jalapeño on a Stick, characters that allow Jeff Dunham to say whatever he likes without (many) consequences. Jeff Dunham shows are a delight in irreverence, and cheap Jeff Dunham tickets are difficult to find. Get yours today and prepare for hilarity!

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