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You may not expect one of the most legendary heavy metal bands to come from Iowa, but that's exactly where Slipknot emerged from to captivate the metal audience with their force and power. Slipknot is considered one of the leaders in the New Wave of American Heavy Metal, known for their variety of vocal styles. Get your cheap Slipknot concert tickets here before fans snatch them all up! Don't miss your chance to see a renown live Slipknot concert! Slipknot first formed in 1995 under the name The Pale Ones. In true metal fashion, they released their first self-financed EP on Halloween of 1996. Slipknot released their first album in 1999 and continued to build their fan base through touring and word of mouth. Slipknot concerts are straight energy, and in early years the band indulged in dangerous activities like setting each other on fire. Slipknot concerts today are more restrained, but still a wild time, with head banging, pyrotechnics, and face masks. Their albums continue to be wildly popular with the heavy metal audiences, including such hit singles as "Before I Forget," "Psychosocial," "The Devil in I," and "Dead Memories." Don't miss your chance to see these heavy metal legends at a Slipknot concert! Get your cheap Slipknot tickets here today!

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