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About Rob Zombie

One of the most electric live musicians out there, Rob Zombie is a legend in heavy metal. Rob Zombie fans know to expect the unexpected at his shows. With that sort of anticipation, Rob Zombie concerts are extremely popular and cheap Rob Zombie tickets can be hard to find. Get yours today to see how he shocks his fans at his next show!

The evolution of a zombie
Born James Bartleh Cummings in Massachusetts, Rob Zombie was always fascinated with horror, sci-fi, and the slightly macabre. After moving to New York City, he and then-girlfriend Sean Yseult started the band White Zombie. It was after the band hit commercial success that he changed his name to Rob Zombie.

Fascination with horror
Rob Zombie started his solo career in 1998 with the successful release of his debut album. His music is raw and thunderous, laced with narrative lyrics and sound bites from horror films. But even as a metal legend, he continues to expand his style and keep his listeners on their toes. Rob Zombie's music will hypnotize you and then leave you waiting with anticipation to see what he does next. His own fascination with horror and shock influences all his creative outlets. He's even delved into directing with movies like The Devil's Rejects and Halloween.

Rob Zombie concerts are dazzling spectacles. Fans eagerly snap up cheap Rob Zombie tickets so make sure you buy yours today – you don't want to miss out on what Rob Zombie has planned next!

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