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Though they carry a short history relative to some other NBA teams (they were founded in 1989 as part of an NBA expansion), the Minnesota Timberwolves carry a storied history and have held on their roster a series of incredibly talented players and have become increasingly relevant in the 2010s as new talent joins the team, turning them into constant playoff contenders.

The first major superstar to grace the T-Wolves squad came in 1995 when the team drafted then-young forward Kevin Garnett, who went on to become a team icon and lead the team to a division title in 2004.

After Garnett's departure for the Celtics in 2007, the team struggled for a while before acquiring new dominant center Kevin Love. Love's unique style of play which incorporated bruising paint play as well as skilled ball handling and three-point accuracy brought a new dynamic to the team. The addition of incredible passing Spanish guard Ricky Rubio created a duo that was reminiscent of the Stockton-Malone glory days on the Jazz.

This inspiring young talent spurred a resurgence in interest in the Wolves, despite Love and Rubio's eventual departures from the team. The T-Wolves are now a promising franchise looking to make waves in the coming seasons. Buy tickets to see them now!

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