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NBA Playoffs 2022

After the NBA regular season, 20 teams remained. The first round was a play-in tournament to whittle down the list of NBA teams to 16. After those team are gone, there are eight matchups that play a seven-game series. The winner of that series moved onto the next round, one step closer to the NBA Finals. The competition is just too good to watch on tv, get tickets to see the NBA playoff games live. The regular season was full of wins, tough losses, impressive new talent and of course injuries. The best an strongest teams make it to the NBA playoffs, these games are ones you will not want to miss. NBA playoff tickets are available now!

NBA Playoffs: The Best of The Best

Put on your team's jersey, buy a bucket of popcorn and a tall drink, and get cozy in the stands for the NBA Playoffs! It is the time that fans wait all year for. The NBA Playoffs means amazing matchups, winners being decided by a matter of a point or two. Make this year different and be there for the game! Get your cheap NBA Playoffs tickets now!

You never know when there's going to be a buzzer beater, or a 20-foot jumper to secure the Bulls' sixth championship. This of course refers to the 1998 NBA finals in which Michael Jordan scored one of the most iconic shots in all of NBA history, pulling them to victory when they had been down three points in the final minute. Who could forget that shot? Certainly no one in that crowd. It didn't matter if you were a Bulls fan or not - that shot is going down in history and only so many people get to say they were there. If you're getting excited just reading about these moments, grab some cheap NBA Playoff tickets and experience these moments yourself.

Have you ever experienced the silence of a stadium as a last-minute shot sails toward the hoop from half court? How about the deafening roar of a crowd when it makes it? The playoffs host the best of the best, so you're going to get a good game no matter what. And when the stakes are high, everyone is on edge. Players, coaches, fans, hot dog vendors - everyone. You can feel spectators pushing the energy into their favorite players to help them make the shots.

Because there are so many rounds, there are a ton of opportunities to get some cheap tickets to a playoff game. But this doesn't make that experience any less special. You never know what's going to happen in a playoff game. Imagine what your friends will say when you tell them you were there for the do-or-die game seven with the NBA Playoff tickets to prove it. When you get NBA playoff tickets you'll find yourself on your feet as often as the players, as you won't be able to help joining in on the excitement around you.

NBA Playoffs Tickets

The top 8 teams from each conference will advanced to the highly contested NBA Playoffs. Will the Toronto Raptors defend their title, or will a new squad rise up and snatch it away? Find out by purchasing your cheap NBA Playoffs tickets and heading to the games!

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