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About Behemoth

Instrumental in the development of Polish extreme metal, Behemoth has since taken over the world. Seize the rare chance to see a Behemoth concert while they're on tour – get your cheap Behemoth tickets before they all sell out!

From the Underground to the Metal Pantheon

Behemoth got its start in 1991, prolifically recording demos and growing in popularity on the blackened death metal underground scene. In the mid-1990s, their second album, Grom, and their frenetic live shows bolstered their fan base. Soon they branched out of Poland, performing in other European countries. In 1999 Behemoth released Satanica, a musical maelstrom that broke them out of the underground. In 2003 the demand for Behemoth in the United States was so high that the band toured there multiple times. Though perilously controversial, they've become an international sensation, performing at events like Mayhem Festival and Ozzfest. In 2014 The Satanist won Album of the Year at the Metal Hammer Golden Gods Awards, cementing Behemoth's status as a juggernaut in metal music.

2019 Tour

Behemoth accompanied Slipknot during their summer tour. Their music greatly complimented the vibes of Slipknot’s heavy metal songs. The tour traveled across North America beginning in July. Stops included Phoenix, AZ, Toronto, ON, Camden, NJ, Dallas, TX and more before concluding in September. Behemoth was also joined by Volbeat and Gojira, contributing to a great set. Fans were thrilled to get a great mix of bands all in one night!

With Behemoth's eleventh album I Loved You at Your Darkest being released in 2018, fans are anxious to see what new surprises the band will bring to Behemoth concerts. Immerse yourself in the full-throttle power of their music performed live by grabbing your cheap Behemoth tickets here!