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As "The Godfather of Shock Rock," Alice Cooper concerts are wild and dramatic, elaborate shows complete with guillotines, fake blood, and macabre toys. Delightfully wicked, cheap Alice Cooper tickets sell out quickly so make sure you snag yours today for a uniquely sensational music experience!

Blazing a trail in shock rock
Born in Detroit as Vincent Damon Furnier, the young performer first got into music through lip-synching. Desperate to compete in the annual talent show but with no musical talents, Furnier convinced his friends to join him in impersonating the Beatles. Inspired by their award-winning experience, the boys decided to learn music for real and started a band called the Earwigs. Four years later, the band renamed themselves Alice Cooper, Furnier following suit. Fascinated with vaudeville and horror movies, Alice Cooper adopted his trademark theatrical look. Alice Cooper's debut album was released in 1969, but it was the band's live shows that really drew them attention. Alice Cooper spearheaded the shock rock movement, their bombastic shows throwing a macabre enchantment over audiences in the era of peace and love. When the band finally broke up, Alice Cooper continued as a solo act, always pushing the limits of shock entertainment.

Heavy metal shows are always a blast of raw musical force, but few can compare to the crazy roller coaster ride of Alice Cooper concerts. Jaw-dropping in their irreverence, cheap Alice Cooper tickets disappear fast. Snag yours today for an unforgettable night of deviant fun!

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