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One of the most bizarre and controversial heavy metal bands of today, Gwar has rocked the music scene with their high concept narrative and shocking live shows. Gwar performs in over-the-top, sci-fi costumes, and their shows make heavy use of fake bodily fluids and staged mutilations, making them a trailblazer in the 'shock rock' movement. Get your cheap Gwar tickets here for an unbelievable, envelope-pushing concert near you!

Bold and brash, an in-your-face approach to entertainment
Gwar's origin story begins in an abandoned bottling plant in Richmond, a facility that was a hotbed for avant-garde creativity. After several years of refining their narrative and working through lineup changes, the band released their debut album, Hell-O, in 1998. As they continued to release albums, garnering more and more success, they also incorporated increasingly violent and boundary-pushing themes. Gwar intertwines political and social themes in their satirical music, earning respect and a Grammy nomination despite the inherent controversial nature of the band. Gwar has suffered the tragic deaths of Dave Brockie, Cory Smoot, and Sean Sumner, but the band has vowed that their music will continue their legacy far beyond any individual artist.

There are few other bands that can compare with Gwar's outrageous and twisted performances. So snag your cheap Gwar tickets here and prepare to immerse yourself in the provocative world of these heavy metal rockers!

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