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About The Lion King

Based on the beloved 1994 animated Disney film and featuring songs from the film combined with brand new pieces, The Lion King is a striking and beautiful production that holds the distinction of obtaining the highest box-office earnings in history for a film and stage production combo. Featuring an innovative approach to production that uses a combination of actors in large, stylized rigs and towering hollow puppets to portray the various animals of the African savannah, The Lion King is a visually stunning and musically gorgeous homage to its animated inspiration that's been dazzling audiences since it first opened in London's West end in 1999. Following the story of the rebellious lion prince Simba and his path to becoming a noble king capable of challenging his evil uncle Scar, the musical boasts an eclectic cast of animal characters ranging from Simba's long-time friend and love interest Nala and comic relief warthog-and-meerkat buddy duo Timone and Pumba to the wise but slightly crazy Rafiki and Scar's band of sinister hyena minions. Boasting the dual distinctions of being Broadway's highest-earning and fourth longest-running production in history, The Lion King is a stage masterpiece that will delight all ages, and there's no better time to find cheap tickets to this one-of-a-kind experience.

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