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About Broadway

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History of Broadway

It wasn’t until 1750 that New York had a presence for theatre. Thomas Kean and Walter Murray worked together to establish a resident theatre company in New Yoek. The theatre they created held around 280 people and was located on Nassau Street. The held all types of theatre, from Shakespeare to ballad operas. 2 years after they opened their theatre on Nassau Street they sent 12 actors to Virginia to establish another theatre. A year later that company moved to New York. Then when the Revolutionary War broke out, theatre in New York had a leave of absence, and did not begin again until 1798. In 1798, they finished the Park Theatre which sat 2,000 people. A few decades later another theatre opened called the Bowery theatre. Theatre saw a rise in interest with the increase in opportunity, but it wasn’t until P.T. Barnum came into the picture that the art of theatre truly became known to the general American population. In the mid-1800s, what would be known today as the Theatre District began its rise in real-estate.

Times Square and the Early 1900s

The Times Square area has some of the highest foot traffic out of anywhere in the United States to this day. In the early 1900s the first theater in Times Square was built. Not only did it help spread the word, but thousands passed the new theatre each day. With the 1890s setting records performances and attendance the early 1900s had a lot to live up to. The Theatrical Syndicate owned most major theaters in New York during this time. The worked to build the precense and set theatre to new heights. The show Lightnin’ would push theatrical performance into the new era and solidify it’s grasp on American entertainment industry. The performance held over 1,000 shows and was the longest theatrical performance on Broadway ever at the time.

Competing with New Technology

What helped Broadway theatre early on was the fact that it had no competitors in the entertainment industry as radio drew a different audience and actually helped advertise for theatre. It wasn’t until motion picture came to existence that theatre had its first battle on the entertainment industry. While theatre certainly lost viewers since the installation of the motion picture, there have always been and always will be theatre-goers. As the art is something that you must be there and see with your own eyes. There is no replacement for it and there never will be.

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