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Prince Royce is one of the newest and fastest-rising stars of Latin pop music. Young and extremely talented, he's already collaborated with established artists like Jennifer Lopez and Pitbull in the single "Back it Up." With his rising popularity, don't wait to get your cheap Prince Royce tickets. Prince Royce concerts sell out quickly to his adoring fans, so get your cheap tickets here! Prince Royce, born Geoffrey Royce Rojas, hails from the Bronx, where he started performing in elementary school and writing poetry as a teenager. His musical influences include Dominican bachata, R&B, and Latin pop, and he releases popular music in both English and Spanish. At 15, Prince Royce and his friend Jose Chusan put their music on MySpace under the name "Jino and Royce." Prince Royce's introduction to and friendship with produce Andres Hidalgo helped him define his bachata style more clearly and lead to his signing with the Top Stop Music label. Prince Royce released his first album in 2010, and it was an instant success, with hit singles like a remake of "Stand by Me," "Corazon Sin Cara," and "Stuck on a Feeling," featuring Snoop Dogg. With his fresh and energetic sound, Prince Royce is sure to be one of the most popular Latin music stars for many decades. Don't miss your chance to see this rising star in action! Get cheap Prince Royce tickets here now and dance to this upbeat and electric music at a Prince Royce concert near you!

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