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About Ricardo Arjona

Anyone who has ever attended a Ricardo Arjona concert can tell you that his powerful Latin music is capable of moving thousands of people to heartfelt emotion. One of the most popular Latin artists of today, Ricardo Arjona's music is filled with passion and soul. Cheap Ricardo Arjona concert tickets go incredibly fast, so don't wait to get yours! Guatemalan Ricardo Arjona's path to international stardom was not a straight one. An initial recording deal left Ricardo Arjona with a bad impression of the music industry and an album that failed to take off commercial. Ricardo Arjona abandoned music to focus on basketball, soccer, and teaching. However, a few years later he returned and found the success that had eluded him earlier. He is sometimes called El Animal Nocturno (The Nocturnal Animal) after the title of his fourth album, which gained him the attention of an international audience. His lyrics are often focused on sociopolitical issues, which sometimes makes him a polarizing figure. As one of the most famous Latin singers, his best known singles are "Como Duele," "Lo Poco Que Tengo," and "Te Conozco." Ricardo Arjona has a passionate fan base, and Ricardo Arjona concerts sell very quickly. Don't delay in getting your cheap Ricardo Arjona concert tickets or you may miss out!