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About Detroit Red Wings vs. Chicago Blackhawks

Whenever two of the Original Six NHL teams meet, it's a spectacular display of athleticism and passion, and the showdowns between the Chicago Blackhawks and the Detroit Red Wings are no exception. Don't miss your chance to feel the thrill of a live NHL game! Get your cheap Chicago Blackhawks vs Detroit Red Wings tickets today!

Competition in the NHL pantheon

The rivalry between the two kicked off in 1926, when Detroit pulled out a last-minute win against Chicago in their first match. Things began to heat up when the Blackhawks and the Red Wings clashed in the Stanley Cup Finals in 1934, with the Blackhawks securing their first championship. Over the decades, their games have morphed into adrenaline-filled, aggression-packed showdowns, with fans getting in on the action as much as the players. When both teams competed in the Central Division, their games were notorious for fighting and heckling. As both the Red Wings and the Blackhawks have won numerous Stanley Cups, the stakes of each game are heightened, neither team wanting to give up any of their legacy as the godfathers of professional hockey.

After being realigned into separate divisions, Blackhawks-Red Wings games have become a rare treat for NHL fans. Seize the chance to see these two juggernauts fight for glory! Get your cheap Chicago Blackhawks vs Detroit Red Wings tickets now!

How many Stanley Cup Finals appearances do the Red Wings have?

The Detroit Red Wings have been to the Stanley Cup Finals 24 times, and have won it 11.

How many career goals did Gordie Howe have?

Gordie Howe is the Detroit Red Wings all-time leading scorer, with 786 goals

How many times have the Blackhawks played the Red Wings in the regular season?

As of October 2022, the Chicago Blackhawks have played the Detroit Red Wings a total of 749 times with the Red Wings in front 361-293-84

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