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About Spring Training

With baseball as America's favorite pastime, there are few things better than getting together with your friends or family to enjoy a spring afternoon at the ball park. Get in on the excitement of the season early by getting your cheap 2023 spring training tickets here!

History of Spring Training

The idea of preparing for the upcoming season weeks in advance came about in the late 1890’s when the Chicago Cubs president took his team down to Hot Springs, Arkansas for early conditioning. Once the season had started and the team was outperforming most of the league, other teams began taking notice, eventually beginning spring training programs themselves. As more teams began adding spring training to their preseason regiment, spring training games came to fruition. Over time teams broke off into the Grapefruit League and the Cactus League, each representing the areas that they would go for their spring training. Members of the Grapefruit League would hold their spring training across the state of Florida in cities such as Fort Myers and Sarasota. The members of the Cactus League would hold their spring training across the state of Arizona in cities such as Phoenix and Goodyear. The teams also use spring training as a chance for the players on their farms teams to prove themselves worthy of a call up during the regular season. As the training season comes to an end coaches make their final decisions on who you will see taking the field this season!

Kicking Off the Summer with Baseball

The start of spring training is a day heralded by devoted MLB fans around the world, as the excitement for the new season of baseball starts to build. From February to April, teams across the country are stretching their players, experimenting with their roster, and building up buzz. The spring training camps are scattered around Florida and Arizona, capitalizing on the balmy weather of the South. In Arizona, many of the teams share stadiums, which means you can sample more of what the MLB has to offer! While spring training is unofficial play, the exhibition games offer valuable insight into how the teams will compete in the regular season, and MLB fans eagerly follow along to get hints about their team's upcoming strengths and weaknesses. Sometimes cheap MLB spring training tickets sell out fast, as many colleges go on spring break at the same time – make sure you reserve your spot in the bleachers before the vacationing students take them all!

Start the celebration of summer – and baseball season – as soon as possible! Get your cheap spring training tickets today to kick off an epic 2023 season with your team!

Frequently Asked Questions About Spring Training

What do spring training tickets cost?

Spring training game tickets vary on price depending on the demand and how close to the event you are buying. CheapTickets has affordable spring training 2023 tickets available, get them today!

How do I get spring training tickets?

Spring training tickets go on sale weeks before the games begin, which gives you plenty of time to purchase tickets. Cheap spring training tickets for your team are available every year but get them before they sell out. Browse through the spring training schedule to find a game near you.

Where does Spring Training take place?

Spring training games bring together baseball fans from all over the country. All teams have fields in either Florida or Arizona during the late winter weeks to practice and play games before the regular season.

Spring Training Team Schedule

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