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MLB All Star Game Tickets

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About MLB All Star Game

The Major League Baseball All-Star Game is one of the most fun and playful traditions in the MLB. Also known as the "Midsummer Classic," this game sets the National League against the American League in an event that celebrates the symbolic middle of the baseball season. Cheap MLB All-Star Game tickets disappear quickly, as fans from every team rush to buy the best seats. Get your MLB All-Star Game tickets today to make sure you're in on all the action!

Halfway Through the Season

The MLB All-Star Game was started in 1933, designed to be a one-off event at the Chicago's World Fair. However, it was so successful that organizers turned it into a yearly event. Players for the two teams are selected by various groups. Fans, players, and managers all vote to create the roster for the National and American League teams. It's a fun way for the MLB to thank fans for their continued support! The stadium the game is played at every year is voted on by the heads of the league, although it traditionally alternates every year between an American League and National League stadium. The home team for the game is traditionally determined by whatever league the stadium belongs to. Beginning in 1962, the league began recognizing a single player within the game that had an outstanding performance at the game. The player who wins the All-Star Game Most Valuable Player Award not only gets bragging rights for the rest of the season, but they also win a car from Chevrolet!

A Weekend of Fun

With a whole weekend jam packed with fun events fans are sure to have an experience of a lifetime! Kicking off the weekend is the All-Star Legends and Celebrity Softball Game, a game in which the league chooses former players as well as stars in the music and film industry to battle it out on the diamond. Perhaps the most exciting event of All-Star weekend (except for the game itself) is the home run derby. Beginning in 1985, the league implemented a home run hitting contest where selected players would step up to the plate to see if they could outhit other competitors. In the past the home run derby consisted of players hitting as many homeruns as they could within a two-inning time span. Eventually it has evolved into becoming a bracket style challenge with players hitting as many homeruns as they can in the time span of four minutes.

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MLB All Star Game Team Schedule

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