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You ain't never had a friend like me! This still-young musical adaptation of the classic Disney animated film Aladdin has already racked up accolades as a unique yet respectful take on the original film. Featuring all of the beloved songs from the original plus a few that were written for the film and some that are brand-new, Aladdin: The Musical is a must-see for any fan of Aladdin, Disney, or just amazing musicals in general. Like the original film, Aladdin: the Musical follows the titular hero (and his three sassy human friends, who replace the role of Abu in the stage production) as he goes from poor street-rat to filthy-rich prince with the help of a wise-cracking and gospel-singing Genie. Watch as Aladdin fights for the affection of the reluctant princess Jasmine all while trying to stay one jump ahead of the sinister Grand Vizir Jafar and his talking parrot Iago. All your favorite songs from the original are here, plus some new favorites, and the city of Agrabah comes to life onstage like you never imagined. Buy your tickets for this magical production now, unless you happen to have a genie of your own who can grant them to you.

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