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About Why Don't We

As a rising star in pop, Why Don't We has captured the innocent fun of teenage creativity. With their catchy tunes, Why Don't We is on track to be the next big boy band in pop, revitalizing a genre left empty by the bands of the 1990’s. Fans are clamoring to see these young entertainers live, so pick up your cheap Why Don't We tickets now to sing along with these teenage heartthrobs!

Bringing the boy band back

The five friends had been pursuing music separately for several years, building devoted cult fan bases. But in 2016 the musicians decided to combine their creative geniuses and collaborate on something fresh and new. They released "Taking You," becoming an online sensation and generating buzz seemingly overnight. With their debut EP, Only the Beginning, Why Don't We has teased fans with the potential of their sweet and playful sound. Why Don't We has captivated listeners with their buoyant charisma, youthful energy, and devotion to their fans.

Why Don't We is sizzling on the music scene, and their live concerts draw fans that are desperate to see them. Get your cheap Why Don't We tickets today to see them live!