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About Ufo

A legend on the stage of hard rock, UFO is a lauded pioneer in the new wave of British heavy metal and a major influence on dozens of successful bands that have followed in their wake. With nearly fifty years of performance behind them, UFO continues to draw thousands of fans to their full-throttle concerts. Get your cheap UFO tickets here to sing along to all their radio classics!

Defining the sound of the new wave
UFO got its start in 1969, when they were discovered while playing at a London club. Their early albums were successful abroad, especially in Japan, more than at home in the UK. But with extensive touring in the United States and the UK, the band began to find a devoted fan base. Their 1977 album Lights Out became their breakout success. However, the 1980s proved to be tumultuous for the band, with lineup changes and hiatuses throughout the decade. But the 1990s saw renewed energy for UFO with new music and the band back on tour.

UFO continues to release new albums, like The Visitor and Seven Deadly, and to perform to adoring fans. As juggernauts in the industry, cheap UFO tickets disappear quickly. Snag yours here to bear witness to these legends of British rock!