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About Switchfoot

As a band that exploded onto the music scene in the early 2000s, Switchfoot has swept listeners away with their soulful lyrics and raw passion. Switchfoot has a strong cult following and fans eagerly wait for cheap Switchfoot tickets – so don't delay in picking up yours today!

Hit songs and Grammy nominations
Switchfoot was started in 1996 by brothers Jon and Tim Foreman and drummer Chad Butler. It was their third album, Learning to Breathe, that skyrocketed Switchfoot to critical success and earned them a Grammy nomination for Best Rock Gospel Album. With several of their singles featured in the hit teen movie A Walk to Remember, Switchfoot reached international fame. Their songs "Only Hope," "Dare You to Move," "Meant to Live," and many others rode the radio airwaves to high commercial success.

Switchfoot's evolving sound
Over the years Switchfoot's sound has evolved but what hasn't changed is their commitment to making deeply personal and still universally relatable music. Switchfoot's lyrics have strong ties to literature and philosophy, connecting grand ideas with daily struggles and problems. And while their music is strongly influenced by their faith and their Christian background, the artists strive to make their songs relevant to everyone, dealing with the issues that all people face in life. Switchfoot concerts are non-stop energy and emotion, with the band and the fans invested in the music as one. Cheap Switchfoot tickets disappear quickly as fans rush to see this soulful rock band. Pick up your tickets for a Switchfoot concert near you today!

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