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With over forty years of music, Styx is both a legend and a current superstar. Cheap Styx tickets sell out fast to fans desperate to hear their classics and experience their new music, so pick up yours today before they all disappear!

From frat parties to superstar status
The seed of Styx began in Chicago, when brothers Chuck and John Panozzo joined neighbor Dennis DeYoung in the band's first iteration. The band played together for years, mixing up the lineup, playing at high schools and frat parties, before they finally attracted the attention of a label. Styx released their debut album in 1972, followed by almost an album a year for the rest of the 70s. Their first few albums, featuring a hard rock sound with artful embellishments, built them a local Chicago fan base. It was The Grand Illusion, released in 1977, that sent them skyrocketing to success. Their 1983 rock opera Kilroy Was Here showcased their imaginative and theatrical sides, with a bombastic live show to support the concept album's narrative. However, creative differences in the band reached a head, and in 1984 Styx split up. Reuniting briefly in the early 1990s, Styx suffered a crisis again when they were dropped by their label. It wasn't until 1995 that Styx reunited, renewed with inspiration. They released a new album in 1999, Brave New World, kicking off a new era of rock.

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