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About Mumford And Sons

Perhaps one of the most surprising rises to stardom in a while, Mumford & Sons have captivated the worldwide scene with their spunky, soulful electric folk sound and poignant, poetic lyrics. Cheap Mumford & Sons tickets are nearly impossible to find, so don't wait to get your cheap Mumford and Sons tour tickets today!

The band formed in 2007 consisting of members; Marcus Mumford, Winston Marshall, Ben Lovett and Ted Dwane. They are a British band that prides themselves on playing Folk and Alternative Rock. In 2008 the band hired a manager who began helping them make a name for themselves in the industry. Their manager Adam Tudhope had introduced them to Louis Bloom who worked for a record label back in 2008. With the band being only a year old at that point, they did not have any substantial following that would make signing a record deal worth wild. Not wanting to give up on the band, Bloom would come back and periodically watch them as their fan base grew. For the rest of 2008 and throughout 2009 the band would continue to put on performances and tour around the UK and the US. The band created their own record label entitled Gentleman of the Road in 2009, which helped them land licensing deals around the world. Their first full-length album was self-financed with the lead single being Little Lion Man, which almost immediately got to the top of the international charts. Since their first album release, Mumford & Sons continue to explode in popularity. They are one of the only folk bands that has helped maintain the support for the growing interest in folk, blues, and Americana music.

Gentleman of the Road

Back in 2009 the band had founded their own live promotions and record label company. With the purpose being to allow them to organize Stopover Festivals, which are festivals that take place in lowly populated areas that tend to not get many tours. With this idea they can help bring money to venues that do not normally get big name performers, as well as it helps drive local business. At these festivals the band picks who is going to be the supporting acts, some of which include the Foo Fighters and The Maccabees.

Mumford & Sons concerts are a near-spiritual experience with the fervor of the fans and the sincerity of the band, but another reason Mumford & Sons concerts are so great is because often the band premieres new music while on tour. So be one of the first people to hear Mumford & Sons' new music — get your cheap Mumford & Sons tickets today!

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