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Mickey's Halloween Party Tickets

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About Mickey's Halloween Party

With Mickey's Halloween Party, Disneyland has created a light-hearted Halloween party that thrills with delights and maybe a cheeky spook or two. Perfect fun for the whole family, Mickey's Halloween Party is one of the park's most popular events of the year. Make sure you act fast to secure your cheap Mickey's Halloween Party tickets for an unforgettable day with your family!

A special Disney day that's frightfully fun
There are few places more fitting to spend the most mischievous night of the year than Disneyland! Disney puts a positive glow on the holiday. All guests are encouraged to kick their imagination in gear and come dressed up – some families creatively coordinate their costumes! Double-check Disney's official website to see all their guidelines and suggestions for coming in costume. Guests will be treated to goodies, special 'spooky' additions to the attractions, and meet-and-greets with Disney's beloved characters. And of course, to round out the perfectly enchanted day, the Disney characters and cast members take to the streets in an eye-popping parade! And remember to stick around for the burst of fireworks!

Mickey's Halloween Party is a fun way to celebrate the season, the magic of the changing weather, the playfulness of dressing up, the immersion into imagination, without scaring little ones! Get your cheap Mickey's Halloween Party tickets here for a day full of magic at Disneyland!