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Arguably the most famous ballet in the history of the style, Tchaikovsky's The Nutcracker has been a beloved piece of live art for decades. Featuring Tchaikovsky's incredible score that's become iconic in its own right. There's still something inherently magical about seeing the fruits of ballet dancers' years of careful study and physical determination to become great, and there are few greater showcases than The Nutcracker. First premiered in 1892, like many works that come to be known as great The Nutcracker was not immediately beloved- though Tchaikovsky's music was recognized as genius right away. It took many years before the ballet began to receive the recognition it rightfully deserved. Today, The Nutcracker is performed all over the world, delighting audiences of all ages with its grace, beauty and style. Its a staple of every major ballet company's repertoire, and for good reason- The Nutcracker has often been called the greatest ballet ever made. Once you see the dazzling displays of finesse and hear the incredibly beautiful music that accompanies them, you'll understand why. Don't miss your chance to find tickets for this masterpiece of fine art, and start practicing your pirouettes!

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