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About Maceo Plex

Hailing from Cuba, Maceo Plex, also known as Eric Estornel and Maetrik, is a giant in the modern DJ scene, having more than 15 years under his belt since first going professional in the music industry. He has lived in Dallas and Miami over the years, and has been recognized by several different groups for his contribution to electronic music. He is known in some of the more remote regions of the electronic and techno scenes as well, having performed at some of the hottest clubs in Ibiza, Spain.

Major hits
As Maceo Plex, he has had several major hits over the past few years. This includes "Solitary Daze" and "Gravy Train", as well as "Conjure Dreams" and "Solar Detroit". Remember, too, that the artist has also accrued a large foundation of songs and stylings under the name Maetrik, but tends to stick to the Maceo Plex persona these days. He has put out countless singles under the name since 2011. Maceo Plex won the Best Deep House DJ Award at the DJ Awards, a prestigious event in the DJ scene, back in 2012. Since, he has won Best Producer at that award show, and has been nominated for five others.

King of techno
Maceo Plex is widely recognized as a king of techno and house, having been in the game for such a long time. However, he certainly drew from some of the legends such as Phuture and Yazz. Having played for a long period of time in Ibiza, he is likely a lover of the early giants of that house scene including Danny Rampling. Maceo Plex has been hitting the circuit for more than 15 years, and is known for his exhilarating performances around the globe today. You can get cheap Maceo Plex tickets to see this icon of the DJ scene in your area! Maceo Plex has been on a hot streak of late, recently announcing the release of a new album and continuously rocking clubs in America and abroad. He also put out two new singles in 2015. Don't miss your chance to see Maceo Plex live in your town - get tickets today!