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About Liam Payne

Millions of music fans around the world know Liam Payne for his prominent role in One Direction, but now the British singer-songwriter is taking a bold leap into a solo career, delving into new styles and genres with the passion of musical exploration. Experience the next evolution of this superstar by getting your cheap Liam Payne tickets here!

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Liam Payne got his big break on The X Factor – but not on his first attempt. While he intrigued Simon Cowell by his performances in 2008, it wasn't until his second try in 2010 that he was invited onto the show as part of the boy band One Direction. One Direction ended up placing third that season, but their impact on pop music made them an international smash hit. In 2011 they released their debut album, which crowned the charts and was followed by four more No. 1 albums. When Zayn Malik broke away from the band, Liam filled the gap, wowing fans and his fellow band-mates at every One Direction concert. Payne became more involved in song writing for the band and even branched out into production. In 2017 Liam Payne released "Strip That Down," his debut solo single. It became an instant radio hit, getting certified platinum.

With his solo career just kicking off, fans of his One Direction work as well as his new music will be anxious to get into Liam Payne concerts. Don't miss out as this British pop prince takes another step in his career – snag your cheap Liam Payne tickets today!