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With over twenty years of dedication and musical craftsmanship behind them, Gojira has recently exploded on the worldwide stage. Cheap Gojira tickets go fast as fans scramble to see these French rockers live, so make sure you buy yours here today so you don't miss out when they roll through town!

From southwest France to Rolling Stone's golden metal boys
Started in 1996 under the name Gorilla, the young band was incredibly prolific in their early years, releasing four albums by 2000. The band then changed their name under the threat of legal action. Their fifth album, Terra Incognita, was their first album released as Gojira. By this time the band had garnered notoriety in France, but they were looking to expand their influence. In 2007 Gojira started to tour in the US and abroad with bands like Lamb of God and Trivium. Their dynamic take on heavy metal allows them to bend and snap genre conventions, with lyrics about universal themes like death, spirituality, immortality, and nature connecting with audiences all around the world. Their musical domination was so complete that in 2016 Rolling Stone dubbed their record Magma one of the most anticipated of the year.

With Magnum released in 2016, fan excitement is high to see what Gojira will bring to the stage. Already known for their full-throttle, heart-pounding live concerts, cheap Gojira tickets will be a hot item. Grab your tickets today so you don't get locked out of a sold-out Gojira concert!

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