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About Slayer

Talented, dark, and ambitious, Slayer has become one of the most influential metal bands in the history of music. With decades of music and millions of loyal fans, cheap Slayer tickets can be hard to find. Get yours today to experience the full force of these thrash metal gods for yourself.

The Beginnings of Thrash Metal

Started in 1981, Slayer began their career playing covers and performing at local venues. They developed a strong cult following, which started growing quickly with the release of their debut album in 1983. Their intricate guitar licks, provocative lyrics, and aggressively fast style arrested the world's attention. They continued to record music that climbed the charts, singles like "Raining Blood," "Eyes of the Insane," "Final Six," and more. Slayer is credited with bringing metal to a new place, developing the subgenres of death and black metal and influencing dozens of successful bands.


There’s a lot that goes into this metal band’s sound and style. Numerous people have considered Slayer as speed metal. The band was able to replicate scrapping sheets of metal noises through their guitars, as well as the sound of squeaking breaks. Their guitar creativity earned them unique descriptions such as “twisted genius” and being “wildly chaotic”. Typically, their music came before their lyrics as they let their instrumentals gave them inspiration for writing.

A Legacy of Provoking Controversy

Of course, metal music is rarely without controversy and Slayer is no exception. Maybe one of the most controversial bands in music history, Slayer incorporates contentious topics like murder, genocide, torture, terrorism, hate crimes, and more. The band has responded to many accusations by saying they find the topics interesting without being supportive of them.

Farewell Tour

Get ready for the tour of a lifetime because Slayer have announced their farewell tour. Their last leg titled The Final Campaign traveled across the U.S. beginning in November. Fans everywhere were devasted by the news of this being their final tour but knew to jump on getting cheap Slayer tickets as soon as possible. Slayer decided to share the spotlight with various artists including Primus, Ministry, and Philip H. Anselmo & The Illegals. Stops on this tour included Madison Square Garden in New York, Oracle Arena in Oakland, Giant Center in Hershey, and more. There’s no time to spare, get your tickets for Slayer’s farewell tour now!

Epic performances of passion and charisma, live Slayer concerts are unforgettable experiences. Cheap Slayer tickets are in high demand as dedicated fans snatch them up. Get yours today to submerge yourself in the dark and fascinating world of Slayer!

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