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About Eric Clapton

Few artists can compare to Eric Clapton, who rocked the world with his guitar mastery. Lauded as one of the greatest guitarists of all time by publications like Rolling Stone and Time, Eric Clapton shaped the sound of modern rock. Experience the reverie of an Eric Clapton concert by snagging your cheap Eric Clapton tickets here!

Redefining rock and roll with the blues
Growing up in England, Eric Clapton developed a passionate interest in blues. After years of busking and playing at pubs, Eric Clapton joined the Yardbirds. His unique guitar style made him an instant sensation in rock and roll. However, when the Yardbirds veered from blues towards pop, Clapton left the group. He performed with several other bands before settling in with Cream, which disrupted the rock and roll scenes in both the UK and the US. In 1970 Eric Clapton began his solo career. Singles like "Layla," "Tears in Heaven," and "My Father's Eyes" drew from Clapton's life, resulting in evocative and moving music that connected with listeners around the world. Eric Clapton is the only musician to have been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame three times, celebrating his legacy in music.

2021 Performances

With only eight shows on the schedule for 2021, fans did not have a lot of options to hear Eric Clapton performer live. Members of the southern states had the chance to travel around the south hearing the best of Eric Clapton in September. Starting off in Fort Worth, the famous singer and songwriter went to Austin, Houston, New Orleans, Nashville, Atlanta and Tampa before hitting the last stop on the tour. A show in Hollywood, FL closed out the short performing tour for Eric Clapton in 2021. Tickets to hear Eric Clapton live in 2021 are available before he goes on tour!

Attending an Eric Clapton concert is a near-spiritual experience, an immersion into the world of this blues icon. Purchase your cheap Eric Clapton tickets today so you don't miss out on an unforgettable evening with one of rock and roll's most complex guitarists.