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CONCACAF Gold Cup Tickets

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About CONCACAF Gold Cup

Happening every two years, the CONCACAF Gold Cup is a tournament that crowns the champion of the regions governed by the CONCACAF. The tournament hosts some of the best soccer teams in the world, with some of the most legendary players. Don’t miss your chance to see all the action live! Get your cheap CONCACAF Gold Cup tickets today!

The Fight for Gold

CONCACAF was founded in 1961 after a merger between the North American Football Confederation (NAFC) and the Condereracion y del Caribe de Futbol (CCCF). This merger meant that there was a need for a single champion to be crowned for the continent, which is why in 1963 they created the first CONCACAF tournament. The two teams battling out for the cup ended up being Costa Rica and El Salvador, with ultimately Costa Rica being awarded the cup. In 1991 the organization renamed the championship tournament to be what it is known as today, the CONCACAF Gold Cup. In addition to the regularly participating regional teams, the Gold Cup often invites guest participants from other regions, like in 1996 when the Brazilian World Championship team was invited to participate. The most successful Gold Cup teams in the history of the tournament have been Mexico with seven wins and the United States with six victories. With the next tournament happening in 2019, fans are getting excited to see how their favorite National Teams match up with all of the competition.

The CONCACAF only rolls around once every two years, so you don't want to miss your opportunity to be a part of this incredible tournament in which the United States is a frequent contender. Buy your tickets for cheap now so that you don't have to miss a single play!

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