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About Children of Bodom

As one of Finland's best-selling bands, Children of Bodom has rocked the world with their unique melodic death metal sound. Chances to see this Finnish band live are rare, so snag your cheap Children of Bodom tickets today before they all vanish!

Disrupting the death metal scene
The band got its start when childhood friends got together in 1993 under the name Inearthed. After several lineup changes and stylistic shifts, the band recorded their debut album. Before they released it, they signed with a label and renamed themselves Children of Bodom. Something Wild was released in 1997, and soon the band had gained a European fan base. Children of Bodom's third album heralded the band's commercial success, resulting in their first world tour. Children of Bodom has became a festival favorite, once playing to a crowd of over 120,000 fans. They've toured with megastars like Slayer, Lamb of God, and Megadeth. In 2009 Children of Bodom released an album of covers, featuring songs from artists like Britney Spears, Alice Cooper, Billy Idol, and Iron Maiden. Their unique blend of metal subgenres makes them one of the most hypnotizing bands of metal.

Children of Bodom concerts are intense and electric. Don't miss out! Get your cheap Children of Bodom tickets here as this Finnish sensation tours the world!

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