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About Awolnation

When Aaron Bruno first got the invitation to work with Red Bull Records, it's doubtful he anticipated what a smash hit his new project would become. As a charismatic performer who is innately in tune with his audience, cheap AWOLNATION sell out fast. Pick up your cheap tickets here to be part of the AWOLNATION!

A creative juggernaut that conquered the world
AWOLNATION had a unique beginning, when Red Bull Records contacted musician Aaron Bruno about using their studio. The partnership led to him signing with Red Bull. AWOLNATION released its debut album in 2011 and rapidly became a hit. AWOLNATION also attracted the attention of Hollywood, and singles like "Sail" and "Burn It Down" were featured in movies, television shows and commercials. Shows like Pretty Little Liars, The Good Wife, Covert Affairs, and Sons of Anarchy helped spread AWOLNATION's music through pop culture like wildfire. "Sail" went on to be 6x platinum certified and sell over five million copies. AWOLNATION has allowed Aaron Bruno to roam through the genres, writing everything from alternative dance to post-hardcore. AWOLNATION's sophomore album, Run, was an incredible creative effort by Bruno, who took on the brunt of the writing, singing, and performing, assisted by an engineer.

AWOLNATION has produced some of the catchiest tunes of the last decade, singles that have ridden the airwaves for months. Pick up your cheap AWOLNATION tickets here to dance to these smash hits live!