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Dubbed as the most successful Latin rock band of all time, Mana has been selling out venues since they began touring. With a dedicated fan base from around the world, you do not want to wait to get your cheap concert tickets! Grab your cheap Mana tickets today before they are gone!

Most Successful Latin Rock Band

The origins of the Grammy-winning Latin Rock band known as Mana date back to the late 1970s. In Guadalajara, Mexico, Jose Fernando "Fher" Olvera, Juan Diego Calleros, Ulises Calleros, Abraham Calleros and Gustavo Orozco formed a band called The Green Hat Spies, or Green Hat for short. Influenced by artists such as Led Zeppelin and The Rolling Stones, they mostly played covers of English-language hits. In the early '80s, the band began singing and composing in their native language of Spanish and decided to switch to Sombrero Verde, the literal meaning of Green Hat in Spanish. They also underwent their first line-up change with the addition of drummer Alex Gonzalez, who replaced Abraham and is still with the band today. In 1986, the group changed its name to Mana and released its first album the following year. After signing with Warner Music Mexico in 1989, they put out "Falta Amor," which included their first successful single, "Rayando el Sol." More albums and hit singles followed, and the band began to tour both in Mexico and internationally. Although other musicians such as Carlos Lopez, Ivan Gonzalez, Juan Carlos Toribio and Sheila Rios formed part of the group, current members of the Mana concert tour are guitarist Sergio Vallin, who joined in 1995, and original '80s members Fher, Juan and Alex.

It was the group's pop and reggae-infused 1997 album, "Suenos Liquidos," that really put the band on the map; 1998 saw Mana in concert in Mexico, the United States, and South and Central America. It was also the year they collaborated with Carlos Santana on "Corazon Espinado" and received nominations for a Grammy and album of the year. Numerous awards and four more successful albums followed, and tickets for Mana became a hot commodity. In 2015, a four-year drought ended with their release "Cama Incendiada." This year, legions of fans look forward to upcoming Mana concerts, with their most recent piece “El Gladiador Mexicano” released in 2018.

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Current Mana Tour Schedule

In early 2019 it was announced that the band would be hitting the stage for the first time in three years. The Rayando el Sol Tour kicked off in Corpus Christi, Texas in September and made its way mostly throughout the southern United States and New York throughout the fall. The first stop on the tour also marks the release of their newest studio album. With stops in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Miami and San Antonio, fans were selling out venues to get their chance at seeing the latest music released by the band. The tour wrapped up in November in Sacramento, California. Check out the 2019 Mana tour schedule here at CheapTickets for all the best seats along the way!

Mana Tour Schedule
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