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About Foals

Foals, comprised of Yannis Philippakis, Jack Bevan, Jimmy Smith, Walter Gervers and Edwin Congreave, have been around for more than a decade after first forming in Oxford, England, in 2005. This band has been prolific throughout its time in the sun, releasing nearly 20 singles and several albums. Interestingly, several members of the band along with Lina Simon had an underground band called The Edmund Fitzgerald before forming Foals, and the sound generated was certainly different. Still, their core genre, known as "math rock," has remained consistent throughout their time as performers with the earlier bands and Foals.

Hit singles
Their first single to reach the charts was "Hummer" back in 2007, followed by "Mathletics," "Balloons" and "Cassius," each earning them a higher spot on the United Kingdom charts. From that point onward, they have remained prolific, putting forth beloved tunes such as "My Number" and "Inhaler," along with "Red Socks Pugie" and, more recently, "Albatross." Although they only have a few mainstream music awards for their studio work, including three from the New Musical Express, they were also named best live act by Q Magazine back in 2013. Producers who have worked on their albums have also gotten in on the action, earning respect and awards from various publications.

Nerd rock
The more obvious influences of this band include the likes of the Talking Heads, but they draw from far more contemporary bands as well. This includes Radiohead, as well as a range of underground math-rock legends from the United Kingdom. If only one word could be used to describe a live Foals show, it would have to be "energy." Cheap Foals tickets will earn attendees plenty of adrenaline-filled nerd rock memories, and a generally feel-good time given the carefree, young nature of the fans. All but one of the bandmates – who all met during college – dropped out of higher education to devote their time and energy to music. They also attended the same school as most of the members of Radiohead before entering college. Foals has built quite the fanbase over the years, and their tour is sure to produce some coveted tickets in the near future. Buy yours soon to be a part of this fun experience!

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