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Despite hiatuses and a rotating cast of members, Breaking Benjamin is one of the best-selling hard rock bands in the United States. If you're looking for cheap Breaking Benjamin tickets, you can buy them here. Don't miss your chance to see a Breaking Benjamin concert live!

The Rise of Breaking Benjamin

Breaking Benjamin was originally formed in 1998 as a cover band playing the hits of musicians such as Weezer and the Beatles. The group got its name when lead singer Benjamin Burnley broke a microphone during a performance and the owner of the venue slurred his opinions towards the band. After lead singer Burnley moved to California the band was forced to break up. Shortly after, Burnley formed a new band called Plan 9 but a few months later he changed the name to Breaking Benjamin.

Breaking Benjamin first found popularity on the radio, when one of their singles got into the hands of a DJ at an active rock radio station. He played the group’s “Polyamorous”, and it soon became the most requested track on the station. The music industry soon picked up on the buzz and several companies approached Breaking Benjamin wanting to sign them to record deals. After signing with Hollywood Records, Breaking Benjamin released their debut studio album Saturate, which received mixed but optimistic reviews. Their second album found much greater commercial success reaching platinum status with hits like "So Cold" and "Sooner or Later."

While there always seemed to be some internal drama with the band, illnesses or sudden lineup changes, Breaking Benjamin continued to produce some of the best fast-selling hard rock music of the decade. Their sound has been consistently described as a 'crunching guitars' with emotional, angst-y lyrics. Don't miss these hard rock legends — find a Breaking Benjamin concert near you and get your cheap Breaking Benjamin concert tickets here!

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