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Bon Iver's music shimmers with melancholy and nostalgia, an entrancing recipe that's drawn listeners from all around the world. Cheap Bon Iver tickets sell quickly as fans rush to experience the immersive music for themselves, so purchase yours here to feel the unfiltered emotion of a Bon Iver concert for yourself.

From Misery and Loneliness, Beauty and Empathy

At an emotionally and physically turbulent period in his life, musician Justin Vernon withdrew from his life in Raleigh to convalesce in a cabin in Wisconsin. Using basic equipment that he had brought with him, Vernon started to record new music. He released the record independently, ordering only 500 CDs. One of those CDs went to the My Old Kentucky Blog, which sparked the buzz that would make Bon Iver one of the biggest names in indie folk. Pitchfork picked up on the album, and Bon Iver attracted business attention at the CMJ Music Marathon. In 2008 Bon Iver released For Emma, Forever Ago with Jagjaguwar, the single "Skinny Love" charting around the world. Their follow-up album, Bon Iver, Bon Iver, brought gravity to the ethereal quality of For Emma, Forever Ago and earned the band four Grammy nominations. In 2016 22, A Million came out, turning towards experimental sounds but keeping Bon Iver's uniquely evocative and questioning lyrics.

Bon Iver US Tour 2022

Bon Iver announced a 2022 US tour that took place with spring and summer legs. Dijon joined the tour in the spring and Bonny Light Horseman in the summer. The Bon Iver tour was in March and June, hitting Pennsylvania, Louisiana, New York, Texas, and all the way up to Maine.

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