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About Blue Man Group

The early ‘90s helped pave the way for a decade-long obsession with street art and fashion. In kind, performance art saw a meteoric rise in popularity on New York City’s art scene. The group—comprised of Chris Wink, Matt Goldman and Phil Stanton —started out on Lower East Side, creating minor disturbances on the street that eventually grew to performances showcased in clubs in the downtown area. Later, The Blue Man Group in NYC started to perform at the Astor Place Theatre, winning several awards in the process.

The three friends soon came up with the iconic bald, blue character and added more performers to their cast. In 1995, The Blue Man Group began performing at the Charles Playhouse in Boston, Massachusetts, while performances began at the Briar Street Theater in Chicago, Illinois, in 1997. You can still see them in Boston or pick up some Blue Man Group Chicago tickets today.

In addition to performing domestically, The Blue Man Group has taken their show internationally, performing in countries as far flung as Germany, Japan, the Netherlands, Australia and Austria. In 1999, the Blue Man Group in Miami released their first recording. "Audio" included full instrumentals of their stage performances. Then, in 2003, the Blue Man Group in Milwaukee released "The Complex," which included guest appearances and was heavily used during the headlining 2003 tour.

The group's first DVD release appeared in 2005 and gave viewers all over the world the Blue Man Group NYC experience. The DVD release featured a mix of studio music and surprise acts.

Did you know these Blue Man Group facts?

  • The Blue Man Group in Atlanta was featured in advertisements for Intel.
  • The group also became the face of TIM Brazil.
  • In one of the weirder celeb guest spots on television, the Blue Man Group appeared on season 12 of "Celebrity Apprentice."
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