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Fans line up in the City of Brotherly Love as they eagerly purchase their Philadelphia 76ers basketball tickets. They fill the seats at the Wells Fargo Center, ready to see their favorite players of Thaddeus Young, Xavier Silas, and Andre Iguodala hit the court for another stellar year of NBA basketball.

The Philadelphia 76ers have a long and rich history in the Atlantic Division. Philadelphia has played host to a number of teams in the Eastern Conference that include the Warriors that left in 1963 for San Francisco as the Syracuse Nationals made their way to stay. The Syracuse Nationals had been founded in 1946 and joined the NBA in 1949.

People who eagerly looked for cheap Philadelphia 76ers tickets would then gather in the Convention Hall and the Philadelphia arena to watch the team during those early years as they strove to win a championship. They achieved their first championship win in 1955 against Fort Wayne, playing a classic seven-game series that saw George King sink a free-throw and then make a steal to maintain a 92-91 victory.

The Syracuse Nationals earned their next championship in 1966-1967 season, when they became an official Philadelphia team and changed their name to the 76ers in tribute to the brave men who fought for America's independence against British rule in 1776. Professional player Wilt Chamberlain helped his team win 45 of its first 49 games. In the playoffs, the 76ers beat the San Francisco Warriors to take the NBA Championship win. They were named the Best Team in NBA History.

With such an excited feeling running through the fans of Philadelphia, people grabbed up Philadelphia 76ers tickets for sale so they could see their team tear up the basketball court. While the 76ers played with heart and skill, they did not get another championship until 1982-1983 season with Moses Malone and Julius Erving joining the team. The 76ers stomped anyone who stood in their way toward the playoffs, then dominated the Lakers in four games out of seven to win the NBA championship.

Although the 76ers have not gained another championship win since the 1982-1983 season, they still play an exciting game as they brought in superstars of Charles Barkley and Allen Iverson to help them again reach the playoffs. They came close in 2001 with Iverson leading the way, until they lost against the Lakers. Even with their run for the championship over, the 76ers were given four major awards in recognition of their great talents: Larry Brown received the "Coach of the Year" award, the "Sixth Man of the Year" award went to Aaron McKie, Dikembe Mutombo won the "Defensive Player of the Year" award, and the coveted "MVP" was awarded to Allen Iverson.

When the Philadelphia 76ers take to the court, their fans cheer and clap for a team that shows determination and playoff mentality during every game that is played. As the players and coaches change, as the team is bought and sold to different corporations, the spirit of basketball shall continue to thrive in the City of Brotherly Love. Show your own love and support for basketball by purchasing your cheap Philadelphia 76ers tickets here.

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