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WWE: Battleground Tickets

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About WWE: Battleground

WWE: Battleground is back for another spectacular showdown, pitting the best professional wrestlers against each other in an epic smackdown. The WWE has blazed a trail in professional wrestling, capturing all the drama of the ring and spinning it out into tension-building narratives that get the audience's blood pumping! Snag your cheap WWE: Battleground tickets here to get your seat ringside and be part of the action!

All-out brawls to claim the top titles
Battleground first took place in 2013, with Randy Orton going head-to-head against Daniel Bryan to take possession of the WWE Championship. WWE: Battleground showcases high-stakes fights for world titles, including matches for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship in addition to the WWE Championship. Pros like John Cena, Seth Rollins, Kane, and Brock Lesnar have all stepped inside the WWE: Battleground ring, ready for the no-holds-barred brawl to erupt. Now, the 2017 WWE: Battleground event will ignite the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia!

WWE: Battleground will draw thousands of fans through pay-per-view, but watching from your couch or a sports bar is a poor substitute for feeling the crackling atmosphere of the arena for yourself. Pick up your cheap WWE: Battleground tickets today and join the raucous audience at this top-tier SmackDown event!